Jun 23rd, 2012

Whether we like it or not, Apple has decided it is done with Google Maps and will be releasing its own mapping and navigation services. Undoubtedly, this has left a good amount of iOS users upset. Many of them would love to keep the option to use Google Maps if that is their choice, and it seems like Google may be cooking something up.

In a Google+ post talking about Street View, Googler Jeff Huber encountered a comment from a disappointed Google Maps fan. He then responded with a very vague but hopeful comment:

We have no idea what this could mean, and this is by no means any announcement or leaked information. We could see Google attempting different strategies to stay relevant for iOS users, though. They could support Google Maps via HTML5 or a good web app. Another method would be to support their native app via the Apple App Store. Users could then simply download it.

This would still not be as convenient as having it installed directly on the device’s stock software. But would it be a good move from Google? Definitely – Us Android fans always say that options are good.

As already mentioned, we do not know what will become of this pandemonium, but Google is already planning ahead. They have just lowered their prices for using the Google Maps API, and significantly. There is also a flurry of new features coming, including their unbelievably realistic 3D maps.

As for us Android users, we will continue enjoying Google Maps as we always have. How do you guys think Google should handle this, though?

[Source: Jeff Huber (Google+) Via: The Next Web]

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