How will Google continue to support Maps on iOS?


Whether we like it or not, Apple has decided it is done with Google Maps and will be releasing its own mapping and navigation services. Undoubtedly, this has left a good amount of iOS users upset. Many of them would love to keep the option to use Google Maps if that is their choice, and it seems like Google may be cooking something up.

In a Google+ post talking about Street View, Googler Jeff Huber encountered a comment from a disappointed Google Maps fan. He then responded with a very vague but hopeful comment:

We have no idea what this could mean, and this is by no means any announcement or leaked information. We could see Google attempting different strategies to stay relevant for iOS users, though. They could support Google Maps via HTML5 or a good web app. Another method would be to support their native app via the Apple App Store. Users could then simply download it.

This would still not be as convenient as having it installed directly on the device’s stock software. But would it be a good move from Google? Definitely – Us Android fans always say that options are good.

As already mentioned, we do not know what will become of this pandemonium, but Google is already planning ahead. They have just lowered their prices for using the Google Maps API, and significantly. There is also a flurry of new features coming, including their unbelievably realistic 3D maps.

As for us Android users, we will continue enjoying Google Maps as we always have. How do you guys think Google should handle this, though?

[Source: Jeff Huber (Google+) Via: The Next Web]

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  1. I really hope they make a great app for iOS its still important to give a great experience with all ecosystems. This actually might help google in the long run because it will make them compete in that space again so the maps experience should get a lot better

    1. Agreed. This competition has actually caused google to step up and add new features.

  2. The smart move would be to let iOS leave their customers out to dry and Google can sit back and collect the falling fruit as apple customers jump ship.

    1. That’s totally imposible because WP8 is coming.

      1. Not sure what that had to do with anything but OK…

      2. …..sarcasm ….right?

      3. Alls I head was, DERRPPPPP irrelevant fact.

    2. The maps Apple are using are licensed from TomTom, the GPS company. Obviously they are going to be good.

      1. I had a TomTom before I got my OG Droid. As soon as I got that I buried my TomTom to tech hell, because google maps was far better. TomTom was not very good at doing what it was supposed to. My phone was faster, gave better directions and had a clearer picture of where i had to go.

    3. No. I don’t think so.

      People will stay on Apple because they’ve already invested in the infrastructure.

      Better to be the good guy here, flood the store with Google API apps and Google Maps. They’ll win more customers over by being the good guy rather than being the whiny bitch who took all their marbles and went home.

    4. They’ve been doing that. Still seems profitable for them, though.

  3. Let Apple to continue to do what they do

  4. google should just leave IOS. problem is they made more money on IOS. thats not a good idea.

  5. If Apple want to be little babies, why don’t they remove YouTube as well?? If it’s Android exclusive, there would be a lot of crying “sheeps”.

    1. No YouTube no maps no Google search engine what else? isn’t Yelp a Google company? iOS users would die without their yelp.

      1. No, yelp isn’t. Zagat is.

        1. Yelp is actually sleeping in the same bed with Apple.

          1. That explains why it sucks so bad.

    2. because google will never do something like that even if apple suing google. google will never censorship a company for someone’s gain.

      1. You really need to look up the definition of censorship.

        1. ever heard of “second language”?

      2. The reason they will never do it is because the would loose add revenue from Youtube then. It’s not like they host that site out of generosity.

      3. right Julian, because all of these apps is part of their income stream. And nothing wrong with that at all. Smart if you ask me.

    3. You Tube, not Apple competition as Google. Google take Apple market share and plus Apple paying to Google for using their map, that`s why.

      1. paynig for maps and youtube which is google

        1. I agree with, but Android OS, what Apple after, that’s all.

      2. Actually Google paid Apple to put their maps on the iPhone.

    4. yeah removing youtube would be awsome apple would hate that

    5. Before the special needs bus come to pick you up, Google makes money off of youtube use, they won’t stop any device from using it, They’re not fools, Nor do they look at things like you do as an affront or with fanboi glasses. Its all the bottom line.

      1. No sh!t Sherlock. Who doesn’t know Google makes $$$ off of ads on iPhone, whether it’s YouTube, Web Search, maps, etc. I’m talking about Apple removing YouTube because they are set on trying to remove everything Google from their iPhone, but they can’t.

        1. Where in this blog did it state Apple is removing youtube? Honestly I have heard nothing about that, nor would it surprise me.

  6. CRAPple’s arrogance will be their downfall!

  7. man i really wish google would say SCREW YOU APPLE and not allow any of there services on any mac product. thats my DREAM. apple wants to sue google but still use their stuff? i would just say screw it were done with you gtfo and thats it.

    1. google is all about making money, as any other company would be. They will not abandon mac products… they get a lot of revenue from google searches. Regarding iOS, it’s tough, but again, it brings them money so i don’t see it happening.

    2. Weird dreams, bro.

    3. You go boy! Spoken like a true fanboy ! Lmao if you had some common sense youd see that iOS is still a great source of revenue for google, and trust me if there. Is money involved apple and google will be there.

    4. No way. That’s 100% NOT the way to go about winning over Apple fans. The better way is to kill them with kindness. Win them over to the Google infrastructure FIRST, then show them how much easier it is to do on Android.

      Apple fans aren’t going to ditch iPhone just because Apple has switched to using their own maps. But they might if Apple continues to look like a siloed system.

  8. and no just because android users like options doesnt mean theyre happy google is going to support the iphone. they dont deserve it. they dont deserve anything google has to offer.

    1. We have options, because that`s the right way suppose to be… And that`s why we didn`t choice the IPHONE over Android. So, everyone has to live with they picked…. You like the IPHONE you`ve to deal with Apple, we don`t and I don`t feel sorry for all IOS users at all. Now they feeling what Apple all about.

  9. I honestly don’t see Apple allowing a Google Maps app in their app store, an elusive rule would suddenly appear, leading to a ban. What I’d like to see is iOS users wake up and take their money elsewhere to boycott the walled garden. Apple needs a wake up call that customer’s choices should always be a priority.

    1. You’re right, there’s no way in hell Apple would allow a Google Maps app because it violates their “no duplicating existing functionality” rule.
      Google will have to go the HTML5 route, which sadly will not work as well.

      1. Wait, what!? What is this rule you’re speaking of? *Goes do a Google Search*

    2. I thought Apple had Waze in their app store???

  10. Before I even read the article a question came to mind, Who cares if they support ios and why should they? Those that like google products will switch those that prefer apple will stay with it.

  11. This is awesome BRING ON THE PAIN! stop ipodding and banning android tablets and phones out of the country and we’ll let you have Google maps if Google were smart about it.

  12. So what does Google Maps do on iOS? Is it as functional as the Android version?

    1. It didn’t include turn by turn navigation but other than that it was pretty close. But they will be able to integrate the new tomtom maps deeper with siri, I’m guessing.

    2. First off, let’s note that Apple’s Map application is largely their own creation. Google contracted to supply vital bits of data and code (including map tiles and their proprietary geocoder), but Apple was responsible for everything else.

      As you might guess, one of the main problems was in bringing all these bits together in a timely, efficient manner. Typically, the Android app implemented new features first — like ‘layers’ (iOS had to wait for the aerial view) and 3D images.

      Here’s what the iPhone version ( lacks, compared with Google Maps on Android. Not sure if all of these were correct as of the most recent iOS 5 update, but this list was accurate through most of 2011 so you’ll get a good idea.:

      – No ‘turn-by-turn’ navigation (on iOS, you click to advance)
      – No spoken navigation option

      Basic thing to remember here is that Google provides ‘Navigation’ as a separate app on Android devices. This is the magic bit that Apple either would not or could not license. Some Apple fans claim Google flatly refused — but that’s nonsense.

      More things the iOS Maps application lacked, last time I checked.:

      – No offline backup (no ‘Google Labs’ access, at all)
      – No one-touch zoom
      – Less integration with Places and Hotpot/Zagat

      There were also questions about Apple’s switch to in-house location services (2010) and whether they used up-to-date map tiles. Apple fans turn that around, questioning whether Google provided new tiles. Again, Apple built the app — not Google.

      Sorry for the lengthy response. Hope it helps.

      1. I was under the impression google was willing to do turn by turn and all the rest of the bells and whistles but wanted the app to be called Gmaps or google maps as a sort of fee (we want our name on our work after all) but apple refused.

        1. Basically, yes.

          Proposed licensing terms would have required Apple’s new ‘Maps and Navigation’ app to display Google’s logo along with the usual credits.

          I’ve recited the story several times on other sites. If you click on my avatar, you can look through my Disqus profile for previous posts.

  13. Hopefully Google will sue Apple and force them to keep it as a option like all the little browser companies sued Microsoft to keep IE from being the only browser you could use with Windows.
    Of course iPhone users could put on their big boy pants and switch to Android! :)

  14. Isn’t there already some rule that 3rd party iOS apps can’t duplicate built-in functionality?

    1. Yep. Basic rule: no non-native app can duplicate core iOS functionality.

      And ‘core’ covers a lot of ground. See…

  15. “option” is something that’s not in Apple’s dictionary. So I’m assuming Apple will make it very difficult for google, if they dont just outright restrict them that is.

  16. I think you underestimate the KoolAid drinking power of the mass majority of iPhone users. I don’t expect you’ll hear any chorus of complaint when they leave Google Maps.

    1. Well they wil have turn by turn navigation finally. The tomtom maps will be an “upgrade”, for them.

    2. Nope, as long as they can find their crapachino at Starbucks…..


  18. Typical apple arrogant attitude “We know better than our users”. Er, nope. That’s why android is the best os because it lets us choose from a wide menu of unrestricted meals. Apps.

  19. I think Google should not only come out with their own kick-ass Google Maps but they should encourage a TON of developers to work with their API on iOS so that the app store is flooded with apps using THEIR API not Apple’s.

    I really want to see Google win over people by being the good guy. This is a great opportunity to do so.

  20. I will never use Google Maps through the Safari browser, but I’m not sure if Apple will allow Google to have a maps app in the App store that’s better than the pre-installed iMaps app.

  21. “How will Google continue to support Maps on iOS?” Who cares?

  22. In my opinion, if I`m Google, I`ll respond the same way, cut the iOS user off to show them how good Apple to it customers. IOS user should scream at Apple.

  23. It seems to me that its people who use Android are more upset about this with nonsense threats, sure some iOS users will be upset, most couldn’t care less as long as the new map program is good. I’m also sure that google maps like other google apps will be available via the appstore. Google, Apple, Yahoo, what have you are corporations which have no loyalty to you, not for one iota, you’re just a money source for them. They will work with each other and then screw each other if they can get ahead.

  24. Who says Apple will allow it on their App Store?

  25. I don’t think Apple will allow Google to put their Maps solution in the App Store…
    It’s more like an HTML5 version will be out in the coming weeks / months…

  26. Now if only Apple would block emails!

  27. i know some one that is ready for iOS to deliver there own mapping service to there customers. also some iOS users dont want to give up there google maps completely. i say as a android user i think iOS shouldnt completely take away an option that was used from the 1st iPhone away from customers. give customers options to choose from. honestly let be real about iOS, when have they every gave there customers optioins when it comes to the iPhone?

  28. they should definitely have it as a downloadable app with the option to purchase the turn by turn as well. I would pay for that. Its def 1 of the biggest things I miss from using Android.

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