Toshiba Thrive and Thrive 7 ICS update delayed until early Fall


Some bad news just came down the pipeline for you Toshiba Thrive and Toshiba Thrive 7 owners. Ice Cream Sandwich looks like it won’t be here to refresh you this summer after a swing-and-a-miss on a Spring window.

Instead, Toshiba are electing to push the upgrade all the way back to early Fall. Yep, go ahead and let those groans out. Unfortunately we didn’t get any word as to why the update was pushed back.

We’re sure there are bugs to be squashed, but this seems rather long for a delay.  Perhaps Toshiba’s customizations weren’t as easily adaptable to ICS, or perhaps they just have other things to worry about at the moment.

Whatever the case may be, it’s left in dead water until the festive Autumn months arrive. In the meantime, I’m sure XDA and RootzWiki will take care of you quite nicely. [Toshiba, thanks Joel!]

We are working hard to bring Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich to our Thrive tablets. While we originally estimated it would be ready this spring, we now estimate the update will be delivered to all Thrive 10” and 7” tablets by early fall. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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  1. Well that is just ridiculous! A full year after ICS is released. If there is an ICS rom anywhere out there I am just gonna have to find it!

    1. Sorry but aren’t any ICS roms for the Thrive ;( I know I’ve looked for a while now. Way to go Toshiba. First the crappy assed screens that break when you look at them the wrong way and now this. I knew I screwed up when I got this for the wife.

    2. same thing happened last year with the some Motorola phones getting gingerbread in August

  2. I have a Thrive, and I am not looking for anything special for it like I do my phone that is rooted. For me, the stock OS and rom that are on there are fine. But to those that want more,,, I get it! I had thought it would have been updated by now.

  3. Screw Toshiba and their half assed tablet support. I can promise them that I will NEVER even consider buying one of their tablets again.

  4. sorry, i dont get it… I love my Thrive and it has fully replaced my laptop. I don’t need ICS and would still recommend the original Thrive for a number of reasons – most of all, the full sized ports.

    1. I feel the same way way about my iPad 2

      1. So, the iPad2 has full sized ports?

  5. Do we’ll be Getting the ICS at the Same time the Jelly bran comes out.. Well done!

  6. Wow! This somewhat surprises me. Perhaps because I thought no one could be much slower than Lenovo in bringing out android upgrades, but it looks like Lenovo is actually just the bottom of the second tier.

    First tier is ASUS. They impress me with their speed in bringing out android updates — and with their admission of guilt for the GPS defect and sending out free dongles to fix the problem. It may not have been graceful, but everyone knows they do not want to have to go through that again.

    Lenovo, on the other hand, has just refused to admit there are any problems with their ThinkPad Tablet. The GPS doesn’t work. The power button, volume rocker, and the micro-USB port all had production problems and will fall off the motherboard after a while. The camera would not focus (though now with ICS there is a different focusing routine; they might have fixed that problem…) But Lenovo never admits to any problems!

    If the audience of phandroid and other sites like this are the influential, leading edge consumers who influence the next wave, who make the reviews and bring in the masses, then the way tablets are developing is becoming more clear.

    ASUS is going to benefit from its behavior. We are going to be waiting for ASUS devices and willing to take a chance on them, for the next few product cycles anyway. They have the lead like Apple in terms of people eagerly awaiting their products.

    ASUS can rely on that and use this to produce higher quality, more functional, reliable devices with a lean UI as well. It is just a surer bet for them. Their Nexus 7″ is going to sell well in the first few weeks regardless of how good of a job they’ve done. Ditto for the other 7″ tablet many of us hope they’re coming out with in another month or so.

    And if their 7″ tablets are well made, then they will sell like hotcakes and ASUS will have established strong beachheads in both the full desktop replacement tablet market and in the new 7″ tablet market. Samsung will be playing catch-up. Apple too.

    I credit this to not just good management at ASUS, but to the lack of the cellcos in the 7-inch tablet market. There is no great need for docomo, verizon, orange, etc. and all their rules, restrictions, uncertainties, and delays. Even the 10-inch market had generally been trying to make their tablets at least capable of having 3G and 4G PCIe cards. But even that resulted in having to go through certification by the cellcos.

    Apple turned cellcos into the data delivery services that was their destiny. ASUS is telling them if they don’t change fundamentally, they’re just going to be worked around in the new markets. Primary cellphones are still under the thumb of the cellcos, but with multiple devices making the need for tethering more and more widespread, the market is settling on a non-SIM model for the increasingly popular tablets (and notebooks too…) No longer can the cellcos pretend they are going to be able to sell expensive plans to each device.

    Apple’s software SIM, if it ever comes out, is going to blow another huge hole in their antiquated model.

    So, now they had better begin serious planning for multiple SIMs being reasonably priced in one account — limited only by the only thing that matters — bandwidth. What speeds and how many GB per month. When they embrace their all-the-time-becoming-clearer-and-clearer destiny, then they drop any restrictions on tethering or data type favoritism. It is just going to take standardization in the VOIP industry, with an easy (and popular) way for us all to get unique “phone numbers” to free the consumer from this domineering as well. Then it really will no longer matter if you are on verizon this week and AT&T the next. Carriers will finally become commoditized. It really is just all data.

  7. Time to move away from Toshiba, good buy ….

  8. Toshiba Thrive for sale!!!

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