PowerAMP gets big update to add HTC One X support, action bars, and more


PowerAMP is highly regarded as one of the best music players to ever be released for Android, and a new update today made it even better. For starters, those who own the HTC One X can now use the app to their hearts’ content.

Unfortunately HTC’s Sound Enhancement doesn’t work with the app just yet but we’re hopeful it’ll be available in a future update. There’s also a new action bar to make it look more at home on Ice Cream Sandwich devices.

Other changes include a revamp of the settings menu, improved tablet skins, improved notification controls, new languages, and a whole lot more. You’ll want to grab this update right away in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Will be even better when beats works with it

    1. I see Beats support still. Go to your Tone/Vol controls. On the left side there’s a “Beats” button you can turn on.

      1. That’s only for phones that have it…. so if he doesn’t see it, his phone must not stock have it.

        1. My phone does have it (Rezound) but I’ve honestly never played with poweramp much. Still playing with its options and settings

    2. I was under the impression that Beats was nothing more than a permanent bass boost EQ preset on overly-priced plastic headphones, and that the preset can be accomplished right within PowerAMP.

      1. I’d do a little more looking into that… Sure it does that, but not EXACTLY that. Look into it, I’m sure you’ll find some surprising results.

      2. You are correct. That is why I disabled it instantly. PowerAMP has a true equalizer. I don’t see why anyone would want to use Beats with it.

      3. I thought for sure Beats was what they meant by ‘HTC’s sound enhancement’ ?? What else would that mean?

  2. hv got the update yesterday, now it is perfect! well, almost.. just dlna support is missing, and yes; beats enhancement is there and working..
    OneX T3 stock..

    1. Hey, got perhaps a source link for proof that Beats Audio is working with PowerAMP? If you could find that, that’d be great!
      EDIT: Found it!

      Use Ctrl + F and type “Beats”
      There is support for it, it’s just A2DP is “Auto-disabled”

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