Jun 21st, 2012

Okay, I don’t know if it’s pure nostalgia taking over me because I watched too many duck cartoons as a kid (Darkwing Duck Ducktales, etc.) but somebody at the KONStore is a gosh damn genius. These guys have come up with the iDuck Stand and it can transform your Samsung Galaxy S3 — or just about any device with a glossy battery cover — into an honest to goodness duck. The rubber duck bill attaches to your device via a suction cup on the back, and using the bundled emoticon stickers, can give your duck phone its own unique personality.

Of course the secondary purpose of the accessory is to allow you to prop up your device in either portrait or landscape mode, for easy watching of media or act as a bedside clock. What’s more, that iDuck Stand can be attached to your keys and you can even stash a pair of earbuds inside.

I know, you want me to shut up and tell you where you can buy one already. Fine, hit up that source link and the iDuck Stand can be yours for the low price of $20. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the suction should work just fine on some textured surfaces like the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note (I’ve used suction stands in the past with 100% success). Who’s getting one?

[KONstore | Gizmodo]

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