Jun 21st, 2012

Go run and tell all your friends — SwiftKey 3 in now officially available in the Google Play Store. That’s right, the app has finally dropped its beta tag, and is stable enough for the rest of the world to finally enjoy. SwiftKey has been my go-to keyboard since it was released a few months ago, and I haven’t looked back since. SwiftKey 3 features an intelligent auto-prediction engine that, can not only predict the next word you’re about to type, but can auto-insert spaces if you miss the spacebar a few times.

If you’ve been meaning to give it a go, the replacement keyboard can be downloaded for the introductory price of $2. That’s 50%, but for one week only. For those of you that paid for SwiftKey X in the past, you’ll notice SwiftKey 3 is merely a new version, and not a separate app. That means no extra charge (thank you, SwiftKey team!). For those of you still running the beta, you’ll have until June 27th before the app expires.

Bonus: SwiftKey is also showing off their all new SwiftKey Healthcare keyboard replacement that’s tailored with next word predictions for healthcare professionals. The Healthcare version features a whole dictionary of medical terms not normally used in everyday conversation. SwiftKey Healthcare isn’t available at the time of writing, but here’s a quick video showing off some of its features.

[Play Store Link | SwiftKey Healthcare]