Asphalt 7: Heat coming to Android June 25th [video]


Gameloft have unveiled Asphalt 7: Heat, a new installment in their mobile racing title. With the first several games being a mainstay on many-a user’s phone, this installment should bring us exhilarating racing action with great graphics. There are 60 cars (some console games don’t even have that many), 15 licensed tracks, and a lot more. June 25th is the landing date for this one so be sure to check the Google Play Store in a few days’ time if you’re interested. Take a look at the trailer above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I think this is going to be the first app on my GS3… whenever I get it….

  2. I still play 6, can’t wait!

  3. hahaha 60 dream cars and they show an audi a3 and a bmw 1 series LOL. ill download the apk when it comes out.

    1. They show more than ten cars and you only see the Audi and the BMW…

    2. People like you are the reason we don’t have all the games that are on IOS, nice going you cheap bastard. It is only .99 Cents douche

      1. lol k if you could see my purchased apps its way more then 50 dollars. and i doubt its 99 cents the last game was 5.99 if im not mistaken

    3. Lmao, and they’re not just a run of the mill A3 or 1 Series. It’s an RS3 and a 1M. The latter only having around 1500 produced for the US market.

  4. I played it on my iPod touch and it is incredible, can’t wait to get it on my SGnote

  5. LIES! It is not out and it is monday! DAMN

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