Android 4.0 Update For RAZR/RAZR MAXX Is Finally Official


After months of leaks and rumors, it looks like the Android 4.0.4 update for the Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX is finally official. We don’t have an official press release from Verizon, but all the details can be found on Motorola’s official site, complete with walkthrough videos highlighting all the new features users will be able to take advantage of with Ice Cream Sandwich.

I don’t even personally own the device, but I honestly couldn’t be happier for you guys. The 6.16.211 update isn’t exactly being pushed out over-the-air just yet, but we’d expect that should change in the coming days. I’m sure that wont keep you from manually checking everyday though. It’s almost here, guys!

Motorola | VerizonWireless (PDF)

Chris Chavez
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  1. I know a bunch of people who are going to be VERY happy about this!

  2. Very interested in getting this on my RAZR and nearly gave up waiting. Glad I did as this should now end up being a painless upgrade.

  3. Woot

  4. How does this mean it’s official? I mean the ICS update for the Rezound showed up on HTC’s site, and then disappeared.

    1. Because it’s on… you know, they’re official site. I mean, I guess it’s possible Motorola will go belly up, take the whole page down and pull the update…. but we’re pretty sure it’s coming =p

  5. Alot of my Comrades @ Big Red will sleep well tonight.

  6. I hope you meant “couldn’t be happier”.

  7. How exciting! A phone from January is getting an update to an operating system released last year…. just a week before the newest OS will be announced!

    1. But not half as exciting as iOS 5 finally getting all of those Android 1.6/Donut features!

      Wow, now was that on time or what!

      And just think how soon you can get full Facebook integration, just like with Twitter and a special setup wizard to make it all ultra easy!

      Please let know how quickly you get all of those HTC Sense 1.0 features on your exciting new IOS 6, still in Beta.

      Sing along now – Kool Aide, Kool Aide, tastes great…

      1. iOS 6 (Sense 1.0) and iOS 5 (Donut) – I have cracked the case.

        Clearly, the iPhone is soon to become everything that the HTC Hero should have been!

    2. Why don’t U GET OFF THE PHANDROID site and go on your iFAN SITE. and STOP TROLLING

      1. Eww I know I know why… cause its more exciting to troll and look at all are goodies and advanced software. IOS is borring… so he has to et

    3. Why don’t you also tell us how when iOS6 gets released the older phones don’t get the full update, only parts of it. That sounds like fragmentation to me.

      1. I think it’s pretty awesome how a 3 year old phone will STILL be supported in the latest OS. Can’t say that for ANY android phone.

        1. Yes, My Motorola Droid(OG) is running 2.3.7 and its like 4 years old and runs like a champ STILL.

          1. Uh… OG Droid came out in 2009 and 2.3.7 is not the latest OS. 4.0.4 is.

          2. That’s regardless of the fact that Brad’s phone was doing things 3 years ago that wasn’t (and still isn’t) even possible on iOs. Is the original iPhone supported now? Yes. It’s easy to support something when there has been little change to the OS over the years.

            When you’re ready to accept the fact that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of helpful and necessary things that any fragmented android phone can do that all of the iPhones can’t, then we’ll continue to have a civilized discussion. Until then, you enjoy your iPhone, and we’ll enjoy our android phones.

          3. Remember, an Apple running the latest version of the OS is still lacking what 2.3.7 can do.

          4. @TenEightyPee:disqus
            I can put ICE on my Droid too. The only reason I haven’t is loaded it, is I wanted a larger screen on my new android phone which has ICE already. I have no problem going back to it. Hope you and Siri have a wonderful life.

            I can do this all day.

        2. And in two years, it will equal a good Android in user features. Go Apple, go! 2010 is right around the corner!

    4. FYI, the phone was released Nov 11, 2011, though that just adds to your lame response.

    5. How exciting. A troll!!!! I own both phones. But there is only one I look forward to playing with everyday. That’s the operating system that is ahead of all other mobile operating systems. Its the operating system that apple gets closer to with every iOS update. Can’t wait too see what android features will be on my iPhone with iOS 6..;-)

  8. and nothing for us Atrix/bionic/photon. I’m done with Motorola

    1. Those are the step-children of the Moto family…

    2. the Bionic got 2 leaked ICS builds very, very recently, try to pay attention

  9. Droid life posted info about ics for the bionic

  10. I looked over the videos and I’m actually very impressed. Almost every complaint I have with MotoBlur has been addressed. In fact, the interface is very close to stock, with simple enhancements where they are actually useful, such as additional lock-screen shortcuts, and a variety of updates to Moto’s various added on apps. They’ve also retired many of their more terrible or superfluous creations, opting for the ICS variants. Webtop mode looks very slick. I do hope that the battery itself reports to 1% increments now, but that will remain to be seen. I suspect the hardest thing for Moto was making sure that the device would *upgrade* as expected, since not everyone is comfortable with losing all their locally stored information and settings just to go to Android 4. Also, Jellybean will be a MUCH smaller upgrade from 4.0 than ICS was from gingerbread. (2.3 -> 4 vs. 4 -> 4.1), so I suspect that we’ll see a Jellybean upgrade about 8 months after it is released (depending on how quickly Verizon approves it)

  11. Not bad… not bad at all… i suppose whats important is that you arrived. Not when….

  12. Rather nice to see other phones join ics rarty. Such an awesome looking OS ahould actually be main selling point. Look! Folders! But nicer

  13. What about european users? Do you know something about it?

  14. thanks to widgetlocker and ADW ex i have an ICS looking phone already

  15. I believe it was just two days ago that HTC had the offial release of ics for the rezound and then nothing from verizon and it was pulled from the website. When verizon is involved, don’t bwlieve it.

  16. Just got my update! Wooooooo!

    1. post an file! haha

      1. Lol all i gotta say is…..
        “i can’t believe its not butter!“

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