Ice Cream Sandwich Update Delayed for AT&T Galaxy S2? Might Roll Out (Again) On Saturday


Yesterday, after we told you guys that the Android 4.0 update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 on AT&T was available via Kies, more than a few of you reported trouble pulling the update. Well, it was suspected that it could have something to do with the update being delayed. We received a tip from a reader today who spoke with an AT&T rep via online chat regarding the issue and confirmed that the update was “on hold due to technical reasons.”

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard of updates being pulled after bugs were discovered (and it surely wont be the last), but this might not have anything to do with an unstable update at all. Apparently, Samsung’s Kies software could be due for a maintenance update and once that gets taken care of, the GS2 update will resume as scheduled.

Still no official word from AT&T with a changelog or if any other goodies were packed inside. We’ll let know when/if we hear more. Anyone successfully pull the update using Kies? If anyone successfully pulls the update, be sure to send us a tip so we can let everyone know.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Theybetter do a complete overhaul on it. kies is a waste of time

    1. kies is horrible, I ended up getting through Kies yesterday though thank the good graces or something of that nature.

  2. Too bad. Got mine last week on Tmo.

  3. If you know how to use odin you can go here and get the zip file extract the file add it to PDA using this wont activate the flash counter since its an official samsung rom This site has all the official samsung roms for any device

    1. but indeed it ws pulled out of kies

  4. If we could just get the carriers to leave the software alone, we wouldn’t have these issues! Updates should come straight from Samsung, with no additional ingredients/shortcuts/bloatware.

    1. Hear, Hear. I’m a *soooo* frustrated with the stupid way that Android updates have to come through the carriers. These unnecessarily long delays are likely a result of the carriers having to adapt their bloatware to the new release :-(
      But the manufacturers are not without blame either. Since manufacturers feel it necessary to add their “themes”/”skins” to the standard Android, that leads to further delays too.

      Finally, I have to say that I despise Samsung’s “Kies” software. What a piece of crap – at least on the Mac. And it looks like I might not even be able to do the update to ICS because the latest version of Kies on the Mac isn’t at the “2.0” level needed to do it :-( I will have to see until it comes out.

      If I can’t get ICS on my Galaxy S2 (I need to be able to disable all that bloatware that’s helping drain my battery so friggin’ much), I’m going back to Apple/iPhone this fall – even if I have to pay full price (I’m still in contract for the G2 for another year and a half :-(

  5. I had to try over ten times but it finally made it all the way through and working. I thought it was my phone. It kept disconnecting and restarting the download. Guess I was lucky it finished. Well lucky for my girlfriend. She gets this phone when my s3 comes in tomorrow!

    1. Lol Gf’s always get the hand-me-downs xD

      1. Heh, Im still rocking my $75 OG Galaxy S while the GF paid like $400 for the damn GSII. Im flipping out over paying even $200-$250 for the S3…

        Guess Im just cheap!

    2. Can’t imagine replacing a GS2 with a GS3. Phone that’s twice the size, twice the price, half as good looking, and no CM9 support.

  6. Does that include the Skyrocket too?

  7. What about for the Galaxy Note AT&T anyone??

  8. if you want quick updates, get a nexus (not cdma version), those get updates without carrier AND WITHOUT MANUFACTURER delays straight from the head of the creators of android (open source handset alliance), Google.

  9. I just pulled down the ice cream sandwich upgrade using Kies ver 4.0.3. Seemed to install fine – time to rebuild my screens… Finally!

  10. Attention people! The update is finally available!

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