T-Mobile Galaxy S3 pricing revealed to be more expensive than other carriers’


While most carriers are opting to release the Samsung Galaxy S3 for $200 for the 16GB and $250 for the 32GB version, T-Mobile’s revealed to be pricing them differently.

Engadget’s gotten their hands on a pricing sheet for the device for both value and classic plans. If you were to buy the 16GB device with a two-year contract on their classic plan you’d be paying $280 for the device up front, and that’s only following a $50 mail-in rebate.

T-Mobile’s also offering an early upgrade price of $450, a viable option for those who want the phone at a discount but don’t want to wait until their contract is up.

For value plan customers, you can put down $230 in-store to receive the device, with $20 monthly payments attached to your bill until the phone’s $630 off-contract price is paid off.

As usual, if you want to break out with the phone you’ll have to pay the remainder of its cost up front. We can’t be sure what T-Mobile’s reasoning is, especially considering they don’t even have LTE radios inside compared to their competitors, but that’s what we’ll have to accept for the time being. Is anyone still in for one? [via Engadget]

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  1. Run for the hills everybody! But seriously i know someone who is getting it. The price isn’t a concern since the rate plans on other carriers are more costly.

    1. I agree. I am paying $45 a month with UNLIMITED everything from Tmobile. ATT is charging my girlfriend $65 a month with 700 minutes and 200mb data with NO message,WTF! With even 100 dollar price difference I would never consider switch to other carriers, I can get my money back from only 2-3 month bills. Remember for only $30 price difference on the device cost, you will end up paying at least $480 more over a 2 year contract term, with less everything!

  2. Definitely not buying one for that price. They’ve lost their minds.

    1. Until you realize money every month on the bill….then it doesn’t seem so bad

  3. Waiting to see what third parties are selling this phone at.

  4. I bet a part of it is because they are the first to sell it. I bet you’ll see the price come down soon. Plus, like TBN27 alluded to…what’s $30 when you’re paying a lot less per month.

    1. That’s $30 more when you’re on a Value Plan already. If you’re on a Classic plan there’s a $200 migration fee. For Classic customers it’s an additional $130 up front. That’s a 65% markup.

      1. Migration fee is if you are still on a contract. If you arevoff a contract, it doesn’t cost you 200.

    2. It makes sense for them as they make less money from you so it’s harder for them to subsidize. From my standpoint though it’s lame! lol

  5. Sucks to be with team Pink right now…..

    1. It’s Magenta… lol

      1. Same Difference

  6. T-Fumble.

  7. When will people realize that it’s cheaper to buy phones off contact? Do the math, and you’ll see the $60 prepaid 2GB 4G will save you enough to buy a new phone every year.

    Who wants to keep a phone for two years anyway?

    I’m personally waiting for the next Nexus.

  8. When will people realize that not everyone has $600 lying around to spend on a new phone every year or two? I don’t mind being in a contract and saving $400. That money’s better spent on clothes for the kid, more rounds of golf, or money towards a quick trip to Vegas. I don’t see how I’m losing money by being locked in a contract while saving $400 on my phone is a bad thing. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 7 years. At this point, its safe to say that I’m not going anywhere, even if I had spent $600 on my phone just so I could leave after 3 months without termination fees.

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