Jun 19th, 2012

New rumors are swirling around the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. For the sequel, MK Business News reports that the device wont exactly have the flexible OLED display being whispered in previous rumors. Instead, the Note II will feature an unbreakable plane (UBP) display that is said to be the precursor to Samsung’s flexible display, previously shown off at a trade show event last year. What’s more is the device is said to be thinner than the original, while keeping a sturdy display that could end up being slightly larger than the 5.3-inches of the original.

Originally, Samsung wanted to release the phone at an earlier date this year, but decided last-minute to push back the launch to October, where it will go head-to-head with the iPhone 5. Samsung also wanted to make sure a few more top-of-the-line specs made the cut, like a quad-core processor (hopefully this time around with US LTE compatibility), and a high resolution 12MP camera and Google’s latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Can’t say I’m too enthused on the idea of a larger than 5.3-inch display, but like all rumors, take this one with a grain of salt. Also, the UBP display sounds great, but my devices rarely (if ever) take a spill onto the concrete. I’m more curious to see how UBP will stand up against scratches, an OCD user like me’s, worst enemy.

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