Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Launching This October With Unbreakable Display and Quad-Core Processor [Rumor]


New rumors are swirling around the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. For the sequel, MK Business News reports that the device wont exactly have the flexible OLED display being whispered in previous rumors. Instead, the Note II will feature an unbreakable plane (UBP) display that is said to be the precursor to Samsung’s flexible display, previously shown off at a trade show event last year. What’s more is the device is said to be thinner than the original, while keeping a sturdy display that could end up being slightly larger than the 5.3-inches of the original.

Originally, Samsung wanted to release the phone at an earlier date this year, but decided last-minute to push back the launch to October, where it will go head-to-head with the iPhone 5. Samsung also wanted to make sure a few more top-of-the-line specs made the cut, like a quad-core processor (hopefully this time around with US LTE compatibility), and a high resolution 12MP camera and Google’s latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Can’t say I’m too enthused on the idea of a larger than 5.3-inch display, but like all rumors, take this one with a grain of salt. Also, the UBP display sounds great, but my devices rarely (if ever) take a spill onto the concrete. I’m more curious to see how UBP will stand up against scratches, an OCD user like me’s, worst enemy.

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  1. Will we finally see phones that won’t break glass on first tumble?

    1. Yes, Sony knows how to create sturdy phones: http://goo.gl/hxoa2

      1. Link is broken. Like i stated in previous comment, a capacitive grid overlay is necessary for touch interface, and that is usually encased in glass.

  2. I’m not sure if anything is unbreakable…

    1. well there was this video of hammer test on OLED screen:

      BUT, you will still need a capacitive grid overlay, which is usually encased in glass so……

      1. As soon as you say “Unbreakable” youtube will be full of “how to break” it videos.

  3. I’m a Galaxy Note owner that wants a bigger display ;)

    1. Does your madness know no bounds?!?! :O

      1. You realize increase in display size doesn’t necessarily translate into increase in phone size, why wouldn’t you want them to maximize screen real estate on the same form factor?

        1. My only concern with reducing the bezel size is that it might be a bit awkward to hold. Would be a beautiful device though, as long as there isn’t too much top and bottom bezel.

        2. Actually…. you’re right. Samsung could — theoretically — increase the screen size without increasing the overall phone size. Maybe with this is new display tech they’re supposed to have. (Still, kinda doubt it).

          1. Well, it’s either a decrease in bezel or software buttons, either way 5.5″ shouldn’t alter the form factor of the phone. Also I don’t get where this Quad Core processor rumor is comming from, Exynos 5250 is the only processor they have ready to manufacture than the Exynos 4412 (and I hope to god it’s not that processor in Q3)

          2. Why you hope for the 5250, the 4412 will be a little faster!

            Samsung’s own words, from the exynos product page:
            4412 = 2x faster than the 4410 and 20% more efficient
            5250 = ALMOST 2x faster than the 4410 and 30% more efficient

            So almost no difference!

          3. I was under the impression 5250 was significantly faster than 4412, regardless the A-15 archictecture and Mali-T604 are significantly more efficient and powerful than the A-9 and Mali-T400 regardless of the clock speeds. If it isn’t the 5250 and it is a quad core chip, the only thing that makes sense to me is that Samsung couldn’t fabricate the 5250 for a Phablet in time and used a S4 Pro instead, Qaulcomm has pretty much cleaned house in the SOC war this year anyway, so it’s not really surprising if they went that route for the Note and put the Exynos 5250 into their future Windows 8 Tablets.

          4. I think the idea is that if they use the unbreakable screen they can have almost zero bezel without the risk of screen crackage. It’s the way of the future.

        3. Flip side is, I would like to keep the 5.3″ screen and shrink down the size of the device a bit. I find it just a wee bit to cumbersome, but still awesome. :D

    2. .1 – .2″ larger display…
      … and a .1 – .2″ reduction in bezel. :)

      1. True, and possible, but remember the Galaxy Note already has the lowest bezel to screen ratio at the moment so it is hard to see them shrinking it much more.

  4. I’ve dropped ever android I’ve ever owned multiple times. hard enough that battery doors explode off and batteries fly out but I’ve never once broke a screen. I guess I just don’t get how people break their screens so easily.

    1. http://youtu.be/PbL7ciKmT7g

      It all depends on how it is dropped, Angle, contact area, and surface dropped on.

      1. True, but the point of contact that causes failure is much less likely to be hit, compared to other devices I see with shattered glass all the time… on the front and back… O_o

  5. Larger than 5.3 makes sense as it will contrast with the newly large GSIII. My wife has a Note and while I thought it was too big at first (I have a GSII), I really love it. It is notably comfortable in the pocket and lightweight for its size. I noticed the GSIII is slightly lighter than an iPhone, yet has twice the screen area and a large battery. Samsung has got the size-battery/weight-thickness ratio very high in recent devices. Subconsciously, this is a vital feature for everyone, but not commonly stated directly.

  6. Oh boy how exciting a rumor! Rumors, just like how the S3 was going to have a 1080p display? . . .Rumors. . .

    Let’s all just sit back and wait for the damn press conference people, and the OFFICIAL press release!

    1. It’s simple, you don’t like it, don’t read it, and those of us interested will read it. Problem solved.

  7. I will probably upgrade from my gsii to the new note hope the screen is bigger

  8. This phone is a beast. May be i should hold out my upgrade. What u guys think?

    1. I wouldn’t suggest holding out on an upgrade for a rumored device, but that is just me. =-p

  9. And let the “it’s still too big for me comments” continue where we left off… :)

    Samsung’s next ads really need to drive home the point that it’s really not too big, except for a certain small-ish subset of people with small hand(s) and/or skinny pants and/or are self-conscious about holding a phablet up to their ear without bluetooth for the 1% of the time that they’re actually using it as a phone instead of a computer.

    I’ll probably be trading my SGS3 for the Note 2 when available. An extra diagonal half inch of screen size (and 80 pixels) is worth it.

  10. Not sure if this is going to have the same impact that the original note did. However if the processor was quadcore with arm 15 cores then this would be a pretty impressive device

    I also want to point out that, if samsung is able to decrease the bezel then increasing the screen size wouldnt be to big a deal. Making this giant any bigger though just doesnt make sense

  11. I would buy a Note if they kept the screen at 5.3″ but shrunk the bezel and added software keys. That could make it slightly larger than the Galaxy S3 and more manageable than the current Note. As it is now my hands are too small for it but oh em gee do I want it.

  12. 4.1 before the next Nexus…..yeah right. Nice rumor!

    1. after nexus 7 tablet…

  13. As a user with a serious instant messaging addiction, I found that my fingers started getting carpal tunnel like symptoms after using the note for 3 months. I think the relative heaviness of the device also played it’s part. I have rather large hands and long fingers, so it wasn’t because of weeny digits. It was the main reason I changed to a One X after 5 months of ownership. I found after using the 120g and 4.7″ inch device, all symptoms disappeared.

  14. Haven’t had a scratch or crack in any of my phones…..what do you people do with yours? Play dodgeball?

    And only used a protective sleeve once with the rest going uncensored!

    1. If you can dodge a smartphone, you can dodge a ball!

      1. made my day :)

      2. Cram it up your cramhole LaFleur!

  15. I think the extra width is unnecessary for the Note 1 .. We need a 5.3 inch 16:9 phone, like the SIII but 5.3 instead of 4.8.. the Note is a 16:10 aspect, increasing the width, which makes it difficult for most hands (i believe)

    1. Yeah I prefer that width. I don’t like skinny phones.

  16. Man i only hear great things about the Galaxy Note i haven’t heard any complaints yet so far (after the ICS upgrade of course) it makes me wanna get the Galaxy Note II instead of the Galaxy S III grrrrr way to go Sammy

    1. Yeah I <3'd mine before I got ICS and now I'm just in nerd heaven.

  17. Some other websites I’ve searched on think the Note 2 will get gimped with a dual core S4 like the SGS3. I certainly hope that’s not the case.

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