Longest Day Deals Arrive In The Play Store – Discounted Apps, Games, Books and Movies


A few hours ago, we told you about a few discounted titles from EA like Mass Effect Infiltrator and NBA Jam getting their prices slashed to 99 cents in the Play Store. Well, it looks like there are quite a few more titles finding themselves discounted as part of Google’s Longest Day Deals, celebrating the upcoming first day of summer (also known as the summer solstice). There’s a good list of titles ranging from games, to utility apps, and everything in between. Here’s a quick screenshot of what’s being offered.

If apps and games aren’t really your thing, you can also find significantly discounted albums from some of your favorite artists for only $3, books or “beach reads” for $2, and movies to rent for $1. All the links have been provided below for easy access. Enjoy.

Longest Day Deals: Apps and games | Albums | Books | Movies

Chris Chavez
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  1. Pretty great deals on games especially Mass Effect a 6 dollar drop in price is pretty big. NBA Jam is awesome too! Boom Shackalacka!

  2. Any idea on how RepliGo compares to ezPDF Reader?

  3. Chris, Why have you not yet purchased GTA III !? :P

    1. Wait- how did you know??!?!? Oh wait…. it doesn’t say installed =p

      I’m waiting for those Nyko gamepads from E3 :D

  4. How long will this last?

  5. Just checked out Double Twists Alarm Clock – and took the refund.

    It is pretty and the UI is brilliant, but it lacks some core features which I don’t want to miss in an alarm clock.

    – The snooze time can only be selected in 5 minute steps. (Why?! – 7-8 Minutes is perfect for me.)

    – There is no option for double checking snooze or dismiss input (like math problems or a minigame).

  6. I’ll wait for another 10c sale <3.

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