Official: VLC Media Player Is Finally Making Its Way To Android Devices


A simple message on Twitter was enough to get video enthusiast’s hearts racing. It’s been a long time coming, but after countless unofficial alpha builds, it looks like VLC media player is officially coming to Android devices. The news was revealed via VideoLAN’s official Twitter account with the simple message saying, “Android, here we come!” No word on when we can expect the Swiss-army knife of media players, but get those video files ready.

Thanks, J0e!

[Twitter | Via Ausdroid]

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  1. nice :) love VLC

  2. WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Been waiting ages for this….the alpha releases were nice, but buggy….
    VLC rocks!

  3. Good lord, it’s only been 15 years in the making. I thought this day would never come, a preliminary thank you from me.

    Let’s hope they don’t hand us a VLC without ISO support, since that’s what we’ve been waiting on these 15 years, VideoLan will be mighty embarrassed if they left this out.

    This is the page for it, it’s been a disapointing page for a long time, it should appear here when ready though:

    1. Curious as to where you’re getting this “15 years” from given that Android hasn’t been mainstream for even 6…

  4. Do we need it?
    I am not trying to be rude, but Android devices have support for most video files. can somebody tell me why this is so much of a big deal?

    1. Stock Android players almost never play .wmvs and .mpegs. VLC on PC is the best client for watching all video formats.

    2. Android doesn’t play DIVx, XVIDs. It’s merely capable of MP4 playback. I’ve been using VLC betas for quite some time – it’s good, although the interface is really minimalistic. I’ll check out MX, if you guys recommend. But I gotta say though, VLC consumes very little battery for playing back DVD ripped DivX’s.

      1. I highly recommend mx player. They also have chip specific codec add ons that should see it run a bit smoother depending on your specific phone.

  5. I use VLC on my Windows PC, but I’ve been using MX Player for quite some time. Never had a problem playing anything. What’s the big deal?

    1. Agreed. VLC is too late…MX is the bomb!

      1. Can it play videos at a slower speed without powering the pitch of the audio? This is one of the primary benefits of VLC on my netbook. I can play English videos at 70% speed and my EFL students understand MUCH better.

  6. If it can handle 1080p files, I’m in!

    I know this is mostly hardware dependent, but some media players preform better then others on decoding them.

    1. And it should play .vob files, support subtitles and hopefully allow for decent playback with hd videos, as the alpha release either crashes or ignores the input.

  7. For some things MX Player is great, for others it’s all about MoboPlayer. Let’s hope that VLC is the one ring to rule them all. That said, I’d really love it if we could get MPC-HC for Android.

  8. about freakin’ time

  9. Gotta give love to that Day of the Tentacle/VLC image.

  10. GIMME!

  11. Moboplayer has played 95% of my adult movies……I mean movies. Hopefully VLC can fill in that 5%.

  12. Wow, I thought this would never happen. I’ll definitely try it out, but like others are saying, MX is the shizzle. Arc Media is pretty damn nice, too.

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