HTC Rezound now $80 for a limited time


The HTC Rezound may have been overshadowed by the Galaxy Nexus, and soon to be the Galaxy S3, but it’s still one hell of a phone and could make for a great father’s day or going back to school gift for someone at this new low price. Verizon is offering the device for $80 following a new two-year agreement.

The original price is $200 so you can see where the benefit is if you’re upgrading or adding a line.  For that price, you won’t be getting an HTC Sense 4.0 phone, but you will still be getting a very capable phone that houses an S3 dual-core processor by Qualcomm, Beats, and more. Head to Verizon if you want to take advantage of the deal. [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. And still No ICS

    1. Root and enjoy

  2. I get the point of saving money, but you would think the extra $120 for a 2 year investment would be worth it to buy the newest and best current phone.

    1. There is no doubt (at least in my mind) that the Rezound will not last 2 years… got 2 years out of my Droid Incredible — Rezound should be able to do it easily.

  3. I don’t get why VZW treated the Rezound like a red-headed stepchild… it is an incredibly capable LTE phone with the hidden advantage of being a global phone. Operating systems can be changed but your screen will always be the same.

    The screen, people! the screen! holy moly, Rezound’s screen is absolutely jaw-droppingly amazing at HD 720p.

    HTC Rezound – 4.3″ – 342 ppi
    iPhone 4 – 3.5″ – 330 ppi
    Galaxy Nexus – 4.65″ – 316 ppi
    RAZR – 4.3″ – 256 ppi

    1. Actually VZW treats LG phones like red headed step kids which I don’t blame them. This is one heck of a deal.

  4. I have the Rezound. I have many Android phones plus the I-Phone 4s. I usually will root and flash a custom Rom within the first 15 minutes of owning my new phone. The Rezound is the ONLY Android phone I have left stock. This phone just works. The Rezound has the best and strongest radios of all Verizon LTE devices. On average the Rezound is 5-10 MB faster on download then any other Verizon LTE phone due to the strong signal and radios. This phone just works. ICS is right around the corner. For the developer in you the Rezound has true S-Off, that means allot for the person who enjoys hacking their phone. This phone is fast, very fast. This phone is a beast.
    PS It also comes with Beats headphones. Great freaken deal.

    1. it is a great phone with a solid stable OS build.

    2. The Facebook app it comes with is broken though… that’s my biggest complaint. It is my most used networking tool so it’s important to me.

    3. It seems like the Incredible 4G is a solid upgrade in every sense to this phone. A little thinner and lighter, new S4 CPU for better battery life. I’d have no problems going to qHD at 4.0″ for that. Especially since I’m still at 800×480 now and it looks great.

  5. $80 is a steal for this phone if u don’t want the latest.

  6. I would consider if it had better battery life, was thinner, and had ICS. In other words, if it was a One X with a removeable battery.

    1. battery life is good. No complaints. Thinner.. eh. ICS, already available and officially available under a month.

  7. What ever happened to the Incredible 4G? That sounded like the first reasonable sized 4G device and I was looking forward to checking it out.

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