Jun 19th, 2012

The folks at Dolphin Browser are working on a new rendering engine, it seems. Dubbed “Dolphin Engine,” it apparently bests Google Chrome Beta for Android and the browser within HTC Sense.

While these tests weren’t necessarily scientific, Dolphin loaded The Verge in 12.8 seconds compared to 18.7 seconds and 20 seconds on Chrome Beta and HTC’s Sense browser, respectively.

The margin wasn’t as wide in their test for the New York Times, though, with a load time of 8.6 seconds against the 9.2 seconds and 9.9 seconds of Chrome and Sense, respectively.

And beyond load times, the browser is said to feel a lot smoother. Scrolling is said to be as good as Chrome beta, and flash videos played without any lag or hiccups.

We always appreciate performance improvements in any app, but when it comes to the browser we appreciate them more than anything. We look forward to getting the new engine in upcoming versions of Dolphin Browser. [The Verge via Dolphin]