Jun 17th, 2012

If you still believe in the Google TV platform (and you should, or at least not dismiss it), and are looking to purchase a box to smarten up your idiot box, then you should really give a look to Sony’s upcoming NSZ-GS7. It’s available now on pre-order from J&R for $200, and is pretty feature packed.

What I like the look (and sound) of is the controller. There’s no doubting that Sony’s learnt from their previous attempt (pictured below), which to me always looked like a regular user’s nightmare. They’ve cut down on the buttons on the front, added a touchpad with gesture support, and reduced the overall size (thereby bringing the dimensions and form closer to what we’ve had for decades) by shifting the QWERTY to the back. There’s also motion control and voice actions.

The box itself has a LAN port, an HDMI in and an out, and two USB ports. There’s no news about the Blu-Ray variant, so if that’s your thing, wait a while.

[J&R via Engadget]

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