Jun 15th, 2012

If last year’s offseason splash for the Philadelphia Eagles amazed you, you’ll probably be stunned by this year’s. In addition to the talent they’ve added in the draft and the small hand they had in free agency, the Philadelphia Eagles have signed five interesting undrafted free agents.

Those would be Angry Birds, and an animated Andy Reid had the honors of making the announcement. Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Bomb Bird, and Big Brother Bird (otherwise known as Terence) stated they joined the Philadelphia Eagles because their mascot is a bird, and that they want to crush all of the “pigs” in the NFC East (that should ruffle some feathers).

Andy Reid announced the fifth bird at the end of the conference, and it was revealed to be the Almighty Eagle.

Vince Young, Michael Vick’s backup, crowned the Eagles as the Dream Team last year before they embarrassingly started the season as the joke of not just the NFC East, but of the entire league.

With a full offseason, some hungry new rookies, and a new pack of birds added we’ll see if they can overcome the reigning Super Bowl Champion New York Giants and take over one of the most competitive divisions in football.

Be sure to check out Football Schedule to see when these birds are set to play their first game, and be on the lookout for the pick’em game Football Beast coming up soon!