Samsung’s next-gen stylus could double as a headset


A recently uncovered patent filing from Samsung could give us a clue as to where the company wants to take their recent stylus obsession in the future. Thanks to devices like the Galaxy Note, the digital pen as an input device is making a bit of a comeback, and Samsung’s patent portrays a capacitive stylus with quite a few tricks up its sleeve. The first is an embedded NFC chip that would make pairing with a device as easy as touching the two together. The second is a built-in headset.

We’ve seen the stylus as a headset concept previously with ASUS’ three-in-one Padfone. Given that the phone portion of the device docks into a larger tablet, it makes sense to provide a more convenient way for users to take phone calls. Instead of prying the phone back out of the tablet, the stylus does double duty by becoming the phone’s earpiece. It isn’t farfetched to think Samsung has similar plans in the future, with the line between phones and tablets blurring more every day and a trend towards larger screen sizes.

While the patent certainly fits into Samsung’s current device strategy with the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1, there is no guarantee that such a concept will ever see the light of day. Given the nature of what is described, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear a device of this sort announced over the coming months, either.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I’m sure I’m not the only one who just held a pen up to their ear.

  2. I’d waste money on it

  3. I’m surprised Asus didn’t patent this.

  4. Sweet

  5. *cough* Padfone *cough*

  6. Why is it that it feels like everyone is copying ASUS first it was the netbooks then their transformer line got some competition will it be their 3 in 1 device next?

    1. actually the Padfone was a patented concept before Asus got there. Asus got a license to use the concept, so no one will be copying Asus.
      U.S. Patent Numbers 6,999,792, 7,266,391, and 7,477,919

      1. Talking about these patents?

      2. Why would it ever matter to any *BUYER* who holds which patents? If 2 phones have a similar feature, I want the *BEST* implementation, I couldn’t care less if 1 company implemented it in Feb and the other in Jan. They both have it TODAY.

        1. it doesn’t, I was just saying that Asus didn’t get there first so they were already the copiers

  7. I’ll take two please!

  8. Samsung Execs say to each other: How come we didn’t think of that?

  9. And I thought bluetooth headsets of today made people look stupid. Imagine how dopey you’re gonna look holding a friggen stylus to the side of your face…makes my skin crawl almost.

    1. congratulations, that was a bad post

      1. Thanks for the criticism peanut gallery, ill be sure to lose sleep over it

        1. you probably wouldn’t look any dumber than you would holding a phone to your head, or having a hands free headset on your ear.

          but i do hope you lose sleep over it. i hope it makes your skin crawl. have a good one.

          1. So you don’t think there’s a huge difference between the way someone looks holding a phone to their head and the way they look holding a stylus to their head?
            Go find a pen, hold it to your head, and go look at yourself in the mirror…then start talking like you’re on the phone. If you don’t think that looks severely off, well bless your heart sir but you’re probably already so socially awkward it wouldn’t even matter for you.

  10. I’m not saying that Samsung copied Asus, since these things take months, but Samsung needs to release something totally new, hardware wise, before anyone else.
    I was going to say that a phone as big as the note was a bold mood, but the dell streak sort of did that first.

  11. If the Galaxy Note 2 has a built in bluetooth stylus headset… I might just be trading in my S3 early.

  12. isnt this copied from the asus padfone.. ?

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