Fancy Snap for Android lets you send self-destructing photos


A new app has hit the Google Play Store that offers up a very cool trick for those wanting to tease a friend. It’s called Fancy Snap and it allows you to send photos which self-destruct after a user-set period of time.

They use sexting as the controversial use-case scenario to market the app. You could use it to text your significant other a taste of what to look forward to after work (with accessories, such as a censor sticker, to add), or you could just send a picture of a tasty burgah (gold coins for the reference) to a friend who’s extremely hungry.

Anyone can view the pics as they are sent as links to Fancy Snap’s website. From there, the user has a limited amount of time to view the pic before it vanishes into nothingness. A bit of a novelty app, but cool regardless. Find it in the Google Play Store here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Can’t you just do a quick screen cap when it’s being displayed to get the picture permanently even if they don’t let you explicitly save it?

    1. My thoughts exactly.

      Or alternatively, you could copy the image from the browser cache (if the web site displays it as a simple image on a page). If they do some clever trick like displaying it inside a flash player or something, then ya… a simple screen cap would do the trick.

    2. haha yep and then you can keep the pic forever!!

    3. My immediate thought.

      1. oh… youre good ;)

    4. If your quick enough then I imagine you could do it.. As it doesn’t require the receiver to have this program you won’t know what’s coming until you open it.. then you got a couple seconds to do your capture.

      1. It sounds like the time limit is how long the site hosts the image not how long its available once opened, but that’s just my understanding from this article.

        1. It’s a user-set period of time that’s up to 15 seconds.

  2. Pulp Fiction.. awesomeness

  3. First thing I thought of is what that company is going to do with all the nudie pics of hot chicks? lol better read their t&c ladies, otherwise you may soon be starring in a porn site near you ! ;)

  4. can anyone say screenshot

  5. How much do you wanna bet there will be a controversy about this being linked to child porn?

  6. did anyone else notice it send “an SMS will be send” instead of “sent”! India?

  7. Screenshots

  8. lol nothing is ever “gone” forever when it comes to the internet

  9. We all know there’s bazillion ways to get around it.

    Important thing is if this gets the ladies more comfortable sending the pics then it’s all good.

  10. Quentin’s the weekend guy??

  11. Cant choose from gallery……That’s like the first option that should of been thought of in the app. Not useful

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