Android Overload: Download Verizon Shared Data Plan Training Manual, ASUS Transformers Get Easy Root Method, and More


Greetings, Phandroids. It’s time to kick your feet up and take a load off with the Android Overload. This is the place where you get to follow links all around the internet to the stories that didn’t make it onto our front page (but we’re sure some of you will find interesting). So, have a look around and let me know if you find something interesting.

  • Training documents reveal everything you ever wanted to know about Verizon’s Shared Data Plans. [Download PDF]
  • Books are now live in the Google Play Store for Germany. [Twitter]
  • Kickstarter project for Chameleon’s 2nd attempt to fund tablet launcher hits goal. [Kickstarter]
  • Top 5 types of Android malware identified. [MSNBC]
  • All Pokedex apps removed from Google Play. Get Masterdex straight from the developer. [Reddit]
  • Judge gives Apple and Motorola another shot at a trial. Need to come up with better damages report 1st. [Electronista]
  • Transformer Prime, OG Transformer and TF300T rooted using easy, almost 1-click method. [XDA]
  • Illumination Bar Notification app for the Sony Xperia NXT brings custom transparent bar notifications. [Play Store Link]
  • Study shows 44% of consumers want to Android for their next tablet. [PCWorld]
  • Nook Tablet beats Kindle Fire in internet traffic share. [BGR]
  • Motorola Droid Bionic 5.9.905 update rolls out. Brings 4G LTE bug fixes. [Droid-Life]
  • Sprint file motion to dismiss New York lawsuit alleging tax fraud. [Cnet]
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 shows up on Amazon for $550 then disappears. [UnwiredView]
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  1. 10 page training doc to explain your pricing model = fail

  2. Training manual translation: “Just keep lying about how great the new plans are.”

  3. This is in the same format and is about the same length as the “beginners guide to receiving anal” intradesting.

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