Jun 14th, 2012

I always seem to have a hard time explaining to my less tech-savvy friends and family the benefits of Google’s many services. Thankfully, ‘ol Googs has uploaded a few rather, creative videos using a scientist and various contraptions to illustrate their movie rental and music streaming services. In the most recent video, uploaded just today, Google compares a banana to that of of Google Play Movies. I know, it doesn’t make sense now but just watch the video and all will be made clear.

In the 2nd video, Google uses a yellow liquid to show us the benefits of using Google Play Music to sync music and play anywhere — all without the need for cables of any kind. That’s the beauty of the cloud, friends. Watch, share and enjoy.

Where sure Google has a few more of these videos down the pipeline. Let’s hope some of these ads start making it to prime-time television. You can bet there are more than a few Android users out there that have no idea how much easier, convenient, and simpler their lives could be when using Google’s many wonderful services. What did you guys think of the vids? Effective?

Thanks, Jordan!