Jun 14th, 2012 publishUpdated   Jun 16th, 2012, 5:24 pm

Sprint’s LG Eclipse 4G LTE (LS970) is rearing its head once again, after being mentioned at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group but this time — it’s brought along a friend. The E970 was also outed in documentation sporting cellular bands perfect for AT&T and their LTE network (although, there is a possibility that model could end up in Canada as well).

Easily the most spec’d out Android device we’ve come across, LG’s pride and joy is said to feature a quad-core Qualcomm S4 processor with beefy Adreno 320 GPU. What’s more, the AT&T version (or possible Canadian version) popped up in a User Agent Profile confirming those rumored specs along with a 1280×768 resolution display. Couple that with 4.67-inch screen, 13MP camera and 2GB of RAM — you have a spec sheet that would make a grown fanboy cry.

For all you benchmark junkies out there. If you’re curious to see how the device(s) perform on paper, the Adreno 320 packing Eclipse (and its sister) showed up on a few benchmarking sites. GLBench’s offscreen Egypt test placed the LS970 (Sprint version) at 125fps and the E970 (AT&T version) at 113fps. NenaMark jotted down 58.8 for the E970, while the LS970 received an 11,663 on AnTuTu. Why the different results in GLBench? Well, AnTuTu might have an answer to that. Apparently, the Sprint version is only carrying a regular ‘ol 1280×720 (fewer pixels require less processing power to push). Still nothing to sneeze at, just an interesting discrepancy.

As for a rumored launch date, that Bluetooth SIG documentation we told you about earlier states that both models are scheduled to arrive in North America around October 31st of this year. Trick or treat. Can’t wait to see what rival Android OEM’s pump out around then.

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