Imangi and Disney/Pixar come together to release Temple Run: Brave for Android


A nice new spin on Temple Run has hit the Google Play Store for $.99. Imangi and Disney have partnered up to bring Temple Run: Brave, a mashup of the popular mobile game and Disney’s animated film launching June 22nd. This game isn’t just some Temple Run rehash with new skins.

With new environments, improved graphics, and a new archery gameplay feature you’ll practically play a brand new experience. As a bonus, Imangi are offering $.99 worth of gold coins (that’s 2,500 coins) for a limited time. Get it while the getting is hot here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Daaaaang.. Imangi scored BIG with this deal. Good for them! :)

    1. Exactly what I was gonna say – bigtime payday!

  2. I believe this game is free in the Amazon Android App Store.

  3. Lags on my HTC one x with the s4. What a shame.

    1. works perfectly on htc one x with tegra

  4. Great effort by Imangi! Graphics have improved dramatically over the OG temple run. I did notice some lag after pausing mid-game (using SIII quad). Nothing an update won’t fix. I can’t wait to watch Brave!

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