Jun 12th, 2012

Zynga, the company that brought you hit titles such as MafiaWars, Farmville, and Words With Friends, saw an 11.8% drop in their shares today, the lowest since the company’s IPO back in December of 2011. The drop made shares for the company hit the sub $5 mark, which is leading some to believe that casual gaming is making a move away from web-based gaming (ie: Facebook), and onto mobile devices where quite honestly, it really belongs.

Mobile gaming has been booming with the introduction of smartphones that are more powerful than many user’s desktops, and app markets flooded with casual games for all experience levels. Of course, this doesn’t look so good for Facebook who is seeing more gamers make the move to mobile, but at least you’ll get less notifications from your grandma looking to improve her virtual farm.

[Via GameFans | Boston]