Sprint Galaxy S3 Training Videos Leak – Walkthrough Samsung’s New TecTile NFC Tags


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is all set for a launch on Sprint next Thursday, June 21st and already some 15 training videos for the device have been leaked onto YouTube. The videos provide detailed walkthroughs for many of the GS3’s features we’ve seen previously, but one in particular deals with Samsung’s all new TecTile NFC tags and exactly how they can be of use to the average Joe/soccer mom.

Sprint had a hands-on even today in Boston, MA giving select members of the press a chance to test drive the device for themselves. Anticipation continues to build for what could be the biggest smartphone launch since… well, that other phone. You guys got yours pre-ordered?


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  1. Where do we get these TecTile NFC things? I would love one but I have no idea where to get them…

    1. probably at the launch of gs3, heard their price at 5 for 15

  2. I can see a whole new meaning come to scavenger hunts with these TecTiles.

  3. I went to the Boston event.. They didn’t give any handsets away, at least before I left. Awesome phone though, the screen is amazing. I’ll probably hold on to my SGII until Sprint gets their LTE rolled out though.

  4. Really? They think putting stickers around our house/car is an awesome idea? SMH

    1. yes, it actually is. Try it. A tag (can be nicely concealed) in key places like the nighstand, the office desk, the car, your key chain, your car…etc can make super detailed configuration of your phone for certain locations super simple. And you dont need these expensive tags from samsung nor their geographically restricted tags. Use the NFC Task Launcher app and the tags from tagsfordroid and get a better effect.

  5. Hey, that’s actually pretty cool. If you can make custom stickers or design your own to order, even better. Btw, if you don’t want to put a sticker on your house / car, you can always put them on something like a card and keep that in your dash or some compartment

  6. Went to the event in Boston, kinda cheesy, not impressed. People where more worried about getting points for “Great prizes”which turned out to be a joke. Most of the people that were giving a review of the particular functions couldn’t tell u much about the phone other than what they showing. Not a good showing when u can’t answer some basic spec questions. The phone is nice, but i can’t see going to the G3 from a rooted G2. I feel like its just a minor upgrade. Sorry, didn’t get the Wow from this phone. I’m sure some people will say the camera is great and it is but not enough for me. Please Sammy, when u hold an event again, have more people on the floor that actually know the product you’re selling. Very frustrating trying to get answers and people say, “Ummmm, u have to ask that guy” The only guy who knew anything was Chris Shockly but even he was towing the company line and blaming, off handed, some of the issues with the phone, G2 on Sprint. Not too exited anymore.

  7. The point of these events, no matter who the manufacturer maybe, is to showcase their latest technology in an informational forum. It isn’t to give away a free handset just for showing up.

  8. Can someone please post a link to these leaked videos that was mentioned because I am having trouble finding them.

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