T-Mobile Galaxy S2 Android 4.0 Update Now Officially Available Via Samsung Kies


It’s official. The Android 4.0 over-the-wire update is now officially available for Samsung Galaxy S2 owners on T-Mobile. If you don’t feel like waiting potentially a few weeks for T-Mobile to push the Ice Cream Sandwich update to your device over-the-air, you can update it right now via Samsung Kies. So, make sure all those drivers are up to date, you’re using a reliable USB cable (seriously, you wont believe how many problems this has caused) and your phone is fully charged. Hit up the source link for full instructions and good luck, everyone! Let us know if you run into any problems/bugs.


Chris Chavez
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  1. I am truly loving Ice Cream Sandwich on my Hercules. It works much better than those beta ROMs. Plus, I personally love Touchwiz.

    1. “LOVE”? Or it really isn’t that bad…? O_o

      1. some people like some don’t. Plus, Touchwiz gets all the ladies.

    2. Im about to flash my phone back to stock and update now.. meh so excited!!

      1. It is so worth it. I have literally never had stock up to this point and I think that it is worth it.

  2. I love how it gives Touch Wiz a vanilla android feel with the gonts and cosmetic changes. Plus the blocky animatuons are now smooth and fluid.

  3. yeah what about our beloved galaxy note

  4. Anyone else have a problem with the wallpapers not scrolling when scrolling through the home screens? Mine are stationary with both static and live wallpapers.

    1. That was supposed to happen. That was also a part of the previous maintenance update.

  5. Anyone know if this can be done on simple mobile as well?

  6. This rom is almost 20% bloat and CIQ laden right down to the kernel. Yet another horrible update from T-Mo. That said….one step closer to an official CM9.

  7. Samsung Keis software downloaded at a whopping 0.25 MB/Sec on a 50gb connection and took 45 mins to download an 88MB file.. Then it got stuck in an install loop and the software wouldnt install. Way to fail….

  8. Love the new gmail interface! Also love having google chrome on my phone….I’m having some issues though….some freezing, some lag sometimes when swiping, some apps are taking a long time to load…..I have taken on the battery to do a hard restart. I’m hoping that helps.

  9. Kies doesn’t support my version of Leopard 10.5 PowerPc. What do I do now?

  10. I updated earlier today on my tmobile galaxy s2…to ICS. VERY NICE changes added. runs smooth. music now has pulldown options when playing…among other things. very smooth. i run ADW EX, so I don’t know about Touchwiz, but the rest is great so far! I run stock…nothing rooted.

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