Jun 8th, 2012

While we’re not surprised by this story considering Sony Ericsson confirmed all 2011 phones except the Xperia Play would be getting Android 4.0, we’re no less excited.

The little bundle of joy named the Sony Xperia Mini will be getting an upgrade to Android 4.0. While you’ll find that the corner-endowed Timescape UI will remain intact,Android 4.0 will bring about some minimal interface and feature changes with certain apps.

But you’ll also get to take advantage of the many apps which use the new Android 4.0 design guidelines. The companion app for PC is all you’ll need to get started, but note that this upgrade is for unlocked, unbranded versions of the device, and that carrier-specific versions will be updated according to the carriers’ wishes and schedule. Get started here. [via The Verge]