Foursquare version 5.0 is a completely reworked app, available now


Foursquare has completely revamped its Android experience with the release of version 5.0 of their app. Not only does the app get an ICS-friendly UI makeover, but it also adds in a bit of functionality that should make the checkin process a bit more engaging. With an added “Explore” tab and new map view overlaying points of interest and the current location of friends, the latest version of Foursquare encourages discovery rather than the almost pointless quest to visit a certain location more times than the rest of the service’s userbase.

There is plenty to like about the app’s new look and new features, it might even offer something that could draw in those that gave up on Foursquare months ago, which I suspect is the aim here. It’s always nice to see this sort of overhaul come into play when things are get a bit stale.

Google Play Download Link: Foursquare

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Think foursquare has had its time. Everyone I know did use it, but now I find none of my friends use it anymore!

  2. Foursquare looks nice ..but one issue.. I don’t leave my basement.

    1. You could be mayor of your basement.

  3. Too bad nobody gives a shit about foursquare

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