AT&T HTC One X receiving minor update to improve WiFi performance


For those who have managed to get their hands on AT&T’s HTC One X after a customs delay pushed back its release date, an update is ready for you. The minor software update brings the phone to version 1.85.502.3 and mainly addresses issues pertaining to the handset’s WiFi functionality. The One X should see improved operation outside if WiFi networks as well as increased speeds over WiFi. An AT&T address book fix is also included.

The update doesn’t seem to address all known bugs for the One X, and some users are reporting no noticeable difference in WiFi performance. In some cases battery life is said to be taking a bit of a hit. Hopefully a larger update is in the works to address some of the more sweeping issues.

[via TheVerge]

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  1. Didn’t work on my one x…it downloaded and never installed or was given the option to install. HTC and att have no idea and said wait 48 hrs to see what happens…any ideas anyone.

    1. Same issue here, I deleted it and am hoping it will re-download and install, but I am new to android and don’t really know what I’m doing. Also, clicking on the AT&T update check in settings does nothing, at least it looks like it.

  2. It worked for mines but it messed up my music enhancer did anyone else notice

  3. It worked on mines but it messed up my music enhancer did anyone notice

  4. Nice… should help out with a few issues

  5. Yes, battery life is taking a hit after the upgrade to 1.85.502.3. By
    mid-day my battery is at 50%, whereas before the upgrade it was at 80%. The trouble I had getting the download to work (several days researching and trying) definitely wasn’t worth it.

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