Edward Kim’s Smarter Alarm on sale for 50 percent off, one day only [Developer Appreciation Month]


Today as part of Developer Appreciation Month we are spotlighting independent developer Edward Kim. Kim has some great apps available for download from Google Play and has graciously offered to drop the price of one of his more popular titles Smarter Alarm to $1.99 for one day only. Normally priced at $3.99, Smarter Alarm is a talking alarm clock that gathers information from various news feeds and social networks and gently urges you to wake up by reading back the highlights of the day.

Think of it like setting your standard bedside alarm clock to wake you up by turning on a talk radio station, except the news is tailored directly to you. As the app’s description reads, “instead of hearing an annoying alarm, you’ll wake up to the voice of a robotic British woman who will read personalized information to you, like ‘Jarvis’ in Iron Man.” Suit up, Tony Stark.

If you haven’t checked it out already, we asked Edward our “10 Burning Questions” and got some great answers. Check out the full interview and stick around. We’ll have more from Mr. Kim later in the day. For now, head on over to Google Play and take advantage of this special opportunity as Edward gives back to those that have made his apps such a success.

Download Smarter Alarm at Google Play


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  1. Google Play (even using the link provided) still list the app at $3.99. Any tips or do we need to check back later?

    1. I know from experience that sometimes it takes the Google Play Store up to an hour to update/propogate across all servers. In the meantime we’ll double check he properly updated the price. Thanks (to you and others) who pointed this out!

  2. App still 3.99 in playstore.

  3. I hope I remember to check later. Otherwise, this price confusion lost a sale.

  4. Still not showing up yet for 1.99

  5. Wow! some android users are more pretentious then iPhone groupies. Give the dev a brake guys! He doesn’t control how fast Google updates the play store. you have an Android for god sakes. set a reminder to buy it in a few hours. geez!

  6. Updated sale price should be live in the Google Play Store now. Support the indie devs!

  7. I’ve been using an alarm app called BedBuzz.. its got some great features.. I’d recommend it!

  8. How long are you staying in bed to listen to your phone read the whole world’s news to you? Get up already, you lazy bastards! I’m using Alarm Clock Xtreme…I’m pretty happy with it!

  9. Price fixed. But I refunded after a few moments in the preferences. It is hugely dependent on Facebook. Features needing info that can be recovered from Google require Facebook. Sorry, no thanks.

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