Sony updates SmartWatch with always-on watch face, bug fixes


Sony has a new update available for SmartWatch owners today addressing several user requests and concerns. The new software brings about an always-on watch face, displaying the time even when the watch is in standby mode. But Sony didn’t stop at just improving the device’s capabilities as a time keeper. The update also tweaks many of the SmartWatch’s applications such as Weather and the Music Player, and adds support for Endomondo Sports tracker. Third party app support is also improved.

On top of better application support, other bug fixes are included to enhance the user experience. The update process requires downloading the latest SmartWatch app to your Android phone from Google Play. Users with the app already installed should be prompted to update.

[via Sony]

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  1. I’m hoping more people have a go at the smart watch soon. So far, the most tempting is the MotoACTV for me but even that one seems mediocre from what I’ve read so far.

    1. The pebble looks to be the best option for me. Fully waterproof and 7 days battery life. Plus bluetooth 4.0

      1. Waitin on the pebble myself aswell. Still debating if I want to give the Sony a go tho.

      2. It is going to have bluetooth 4.0? All the news articles I have seen so far has specifically mentioned that it does NOT have bluetooth at all. Do you have a new/reliable source for this info? I would be extremely interested in leaving my phone in a locker while on the gym floor. Without bluetooth though, this will be a dud.

        edit: Oh, I think you meant the Pebble watch. I was referring to the Samsung S pebble. :/

        1. Yea I meant he pebble watch. The S pebble doesn’t look worth it while the watch looks amazing.

  2. I’m hoping this update means it will suck less.. Been looking to get a Smartwatch but reviews have been somewhat negative. =/

    1. Get a Pebble watch. Best one I have seen on the market thus far.

      You will have to wait till it hits the market if you didn’t get a spot. Sorry. ;)

  3. I have had this watch for about a month, and it is pretty good, stays paired to my gnex with good range, battery lasts a few days, and the update has made it even better as for bad reviews not everyone is tech savvy.

  4. hmmm….now where did I out that watch?

  5. Does this update address the crappy bluetoooth connection between the phone and the watch?

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