May 31st, 2012

ASUS have released their next Computex teaser for an announcement coming June 4th, and it revealed a very interesting possibility. In the trailer, a drop of water separates into two, and each one houses a different logo: one for Windows and one for Android.

“All in One is no longer in one,” a line reads, a possible hint that they could be introducing a dual-booting tablet that has Windows and Android. It’s not unlike what Lenovo did, and we hope ASUS is thinking of going the same route.

Lenovo has not had a lot of luck breaking out of their home Asian territory with mobile products, so perhaps ASUS will bring the rest of the world what we’ve all been waiting for. I’m teeming with excitement but we won’t know until June 4th. Circle back as we cover just whatever it is ASUS is looking to introduce.

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