ASUS teasing dual-boot Windows/Android tablet? [video]


ASUS have released their next Computex teaser for an announcement coming June 4th, and it revealed a very interesting possibility. In the trailer, a drop of water separates into two, and each one houses a different logo: one for Windows and one for Android.

“All in One is no longer in one,” a line reads, a possible hint that they could be introducing a dual-booting tablet that has Windows and Android. It’s not unlike what Lenovo did, and we hope ASUS is thinking of going the same route.

Lenovo has not had a lot of luck breaking out of their home Asian territory with mobile products, so perhaps ASUS will bring the rest of the world what we’ve all been waiting for. I’m teeming with excitement but we won’t know until June 4th. Circle back as we cover just whatever it is ASUS is looking to introduce.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It would be awesome if there was a Hypervisor that let you not dual boot but actually run both simultaneously. Dual booting is so antiquated….Hypervisors are the future.

    1. Something like parallels on mac would be perfect where you can run windows programs on Android. Dual booting would be stupid unless Microsoft thinks they can win over Android with Windows 8 and gave Asus a bunch of money to do so. They already build a lot of windows tablets so this wouldn’t be a far reach of the imagination.

  2. Could this rather be hinting at the upcoming Microsoft Office on Android instead? To me, it fits with the “All in One, no longer in one” trailer line.

    1. That would be a different logo for office.

  3. windows?? what for?

  4. I want Ubuntu for Android on a Padfone 2 with 1080p Pad and 720p Phone.

  5. I do not want windows on my tablet and will be buying from someone else if they go this route. It won’t even be able to run legacy windows apps anyway if it’s on arm.

    1. Yeah, I was kinda excited about this until I realized that it will probably be “Windows RT.” At that point, its pretty much two OSes that do essentially the same things.


    2. What if it ends up using Intel’s medfield processor?
      I’ve never been a fan of it’s performance but at least it will be able to run legacy windows apps.

  6. Windows 8 and Android? Game over. I’d buy six of them.

    1. I was thinking much the same, not 6 mind you, that’s mental.

      But a sufficiently powerful & affordable dual boot tablet. With a keyboard dock and Asus’ seemingly excellent support. POWERFUL want.

      1. How about a touchpad that triple boots webOS, Android, and Ubuntu. Affordable and done already.

  7. Windows 8 and Android please. Not Windows RT and Android. Android can run in x86, right?

    1. I believe that is correct as of ICS

  8. Wow me want

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