Samsung Galaxy S III coming to Canada on June 20


The Samsung Galaxy S III will soon make its North American debut as Canadian carrier Videotron has confirmed a once rumored June 20th release date. The revelation of a release date follows the debut of a countdown on Bell’s site that may be ticking off the seconds until the carrier is accepting pre-orders. There is a chance that a US launch could sneak in an steal Canada’s thunder, but for the moment this seems unlikely considering the date is only three weeks away. But there you have it: “the new Galaxy is coming June 20th.”

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. And theirs is unadulterated. Maybe, just MAYBE the US version will stay the same.

    The home button isn’t iPhonish so maybe our carriers have overlooked it.

    1. I don’t think this is an issue of being too iPhonish. US carriers tend to think they know better than Google, and Samsung in terms of looks, and functionality of their new handsets.

  2. Where is this bell countdown now? I can’t I can’t find anything on their site. Could someone post a link?

    1. Kevin made a mistakes it’s rogers with the countdown page not Bell

  3. Anyone know which 3G/4G frequencies Videotron use?

    1. Yes they use that same frequency as T-mobile in the U.S.

      1. Aha! Does that mean no LTE & possibly a quad core I wonder??

        1. Your guess is as good as mine but chances are videotron, WIND and Mobilicty(all AWS providers in Canada) will be getting the same build as T-mobile.

          1. Well, There is one thing different —> the “PHYSICAL BUTTON” :D

  4. Oh my friend, it will be adulterated. The present quad core processor does not work with l t e. Unless there is some other processor that they have been keeping under wraps then we will see a dual core. My hope is that samsung has at least added tha added that third smaller processor to handle some of the less demanding processes the way that HTChas done with the one x line.

    1. Third processor? The International HTC One X has a quad core processor and a 5th low power core. The LTE version is straight dual core, and has better battery life than the quad core due to the 28nm processors.

  5. That is just around the corner.

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