May 29th, 2012


Despite a few online retailers stating otherwise, the “human-centric” (I’ll never get used to that) Samsung Galaxy S3 is right on schedule and now officially available around the globe — well, the 16GB white version. Oh, and everywhere but the US. Starting tonight (today on the other side of the world) 28 countries around the globe will be able to enjoy the latest fruits of Samsung’s labor, while us here in the states will have to wait just a little longer.

Samsung does promise that by July, the Galaxy S3 will have more fully penetrated the globe, coming to more than 145 countries, across 296 carriers. Let’s just hope the US is one of those (crosses fingers). While the Pebble Blue color wasn’t exactly delayed, expect limited availability for the next couple of weeks. Cheers to our Android brothers across pond! Hope you enjoy your shiny, new, quad-core Exynos powered GS3.

If you want to see what new Galaxy S3 owners have to say about the phone, or just see what all the buzz is about, cuise on over to our Samsung Galaxy S3 forums and see what’s poppin’.

Samsung Electronics’ human-centric smartphone ‘Galaxy S Ⅲ’ is the 29th (local time) the United Kingdom, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Europe and the Middle East and Africa will be launched in 28 countries.

Most models include a single country in the history of Samsung mobile phones through the simultaneous release

Simultaneous release in 28 countries, Samsung cell phones include a single model ever will be released by most countries. Samsung Electronics in July 145 countries around the world in 296 operators’ Galaxy S Ⅲ ‘will launch sequentially, the’ Galaxy S ‘112 countries, 175 operators,’ Galaxy S Ⅱ ‘135 operator is more than 210 countries.

‘Galaxy S Ⅲ’ in the last 3 days (local time) First released in London, England (Click!) Can the user environment, technology, human-centered philosophy is reflected in the design of a global media and consumer products have received high attention.

In particular, face, eyes, voice, and recognize the physical characteristics of human motion, including the ability to operate, state-of-the-art camera performance, product appearance and resemble nature has received much attention.

Vodafone signs global communications (Vodafone) Galaxy S Ⅲ recorded its largest ever Android and erected Order UK mobile phone retailers and car phone warehouse Galaxy S Ⅲ Order products this year as the fastest-selling global hits such notice is preaching.

31 days in Sydney, Australia, India, New Delhi, starting nine dosiseo world ‘Galaxy S Ⅲ World Tour’

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics, Sydney, Australia, 31 days, starting with New Delhi, India, China, the United States, Japan, Korea, and in nine cities around the world ‘Galaxy S Ⅲ World Tour’ held on ‘Galaxy S Ⅲ’ is a blast plan to go yieona .

Consumers rather than competing technologies, ie, human understanding and human because it is designed for the smartphone ‘Galaxy S Ⅲ’ are hot on the appeal. Samsung Electronics, the world’s people-centric mobile experience for consumers as to provide a unique emotional experience will make every effort to prevent disruption.


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