Samsung Galaxy S3 (International Version) Is Now Officially Available Around The Globe



Despite a few online retailers stating otherwise, the “human-centric” (I’ll never get used to that) Samsung Galaxy S3 is right on schedule and now officially available around the globe — well, the 16GB white version. Oh, and everywhere but the US. Starting tonight (today on the other side of the world) 28 countries around the globe will be able to enjoy the latest fruits of Samsung’s labor, while us here in the states will have to wait just a little longer.

Samsung does promise that by July, the Galaxy S3 will have more fully penetrated the globe, coming to more than 145 countries, across 296 carriers. Let’s just hope the US is one of those (crosses fingers). While the Pebble Blue color wasn’t exactly delayed, expect limited availability for the next couple of weeks. Cheers to our Android brothers across pond! Hope you enjoy your shiny, new, quad-core Exynos powered GS3.

If you want to see what new Galaxy S3 owners have to say about the phone, or just see what all the buzz is about, cuise on over to our Samsung Galaxy S3 forums and see what’s poppin’.

Samsung Electronics’ human-centric smartphone ‘Galaxy S Ⅲ’ is the 29th (local time) the United Kingdom, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Europe and the Middle East and Africa will be launched in 28 countries.

Most models include a single country in the history of Samsung mobile phones through the simultaneous release

Simultaneous release in 28 countries, Samsung cell phones include a single model ever will be released by most countries. Samsung Electronics in July 145 countries around the world in 296 operators’ Galaxy S Ⅲ ‘will launch sequentially, the’ Galaxy S ‘112 countries, 175 operators,’ Galaxy S Ⅱ ‘135 operator is more than 210 countries.

‘Galaxy S Ⅲ’ in the last 3 days (local time) First released in London, England (Click!) Can the user environment, technology, human-centered philosophy is reflected in the design of a global media and consumer products have received high attention.

In particular, face, eyes, voice, and recognize the physical characteristics of human motion, including the ability to operate, state-of-the-art camera performance, product appearance and resemble nature has received much attention.

Vodafone signs global communications (Vodafone) Galaxy S Ⅲ recorded its largest ever Android and erected Order UK mobile phone retailers and car phone warehouse Galaxy S Ⅲ Order products this year as the fastest-selling global hits such notice is preaching.

31 days in Sydney, Australia, India, New Delhi, starting nine dosiseo world ‘Galaxy S Ⅲ World Tour’

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics, Sydney, Australia, 31 days, starting with New Delhi, India, China, the United States, Japan, Korea, and in nine cities around the world ‘Galaxy S Ⅲ World Tour’ held on ‘Galaxy S Ⅲ’ is a blast plan to go yieona .

Consumers rather than competing technologies, ie, human understanding and human because it is designed for the smartphone ‘Galaxy S Ⅲ’ are hot on the appeal. Samsung Electronics, the world’s people-centric mobile experience for consumers as to provide a unique emotional experience will make every effort to prevent disruption.


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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. How is it available world wide when it havent reach the states

    1. You can buy it in the states, it’s just not offered subsidized through one of our carriers =p

    2. You gotta be new to this if your asking a question like that!!!

      1. Um no its b.s. that every country gets theirs first while ours takes forever to get here. Its just irritating to me. Plus I smell ITC/Apple might ban GSIII before it reach the states

        1. If you’ve been watching the Galaxy series you’ll notice that (for the most part) the U.S versions haven’t been the same as their global counterparts, especially the Sprint versions. So not only do we have to put up with the FCC approvals but customization by the carriers, carrier testing (which is pointless because they release crappy builds all the time anyway) and whatever other delays get in the way.

  2. Yessss finally! I’m still mad about having June 4th as the alleged dispatch date. No telling how long it’ll take to get here (buffalo)

  3. WOOT

  4. The “31 Days” thing. Is that “IN” 31 days or “31st of May” ?
    It would make sense for 31 days in America cause you guys were on the announcement. But we haven’t even had an announcement her in Australia.
    Rumor is it will happen on the 31st of May. see what I mean…

  5. ATTENTION: The International version will work on AT&T with 3G ONLY and T-Mobile with EDGE ONLY! Why…because the international version will have the Exynos Quad processor which does not support LTE.

    1. Still, HSPA+ is plenty fast, if one prefers a Quad core CPU versus waiting for the definitely-going-to-be-molested dual core U.S version(s).

      1. I believe even though it would play nice with HSPA+, the phones just won’t have the HSPA+ antennae.

        1. The phone is HSPA+21Mbps.

          1. Amazon says, “This device is compatible with 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and/or 3G UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA 850/900/1900/2100 networks world wide.” No HSPA+.

          2. HSPA+21 (850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100)


            This is not conflicting information. HSPA or HSPA+ is just not specified in the specs you are looking at. Just Download and Upload hsDpa and hsUpa…

          3. Oh my, okay! I’m such a hardware geek, but the concept of the different bands just goes right over my head.

  6. Some sites have the white 16GB ver delayed to 1st June. I’m waiting for that email saying that mine’s been shipped.

  7. Rumoured to have to wait until June 28th for the Japan version :(

    1. Just like America! :p

  8. InspectorGadget80:

    It’s because the networks, or carriers(Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile) in the UNITED STATES are comparable to the being a NAZI.

    They don’t care what you want. They will get you what you think you want as cheaply as possible to the networks and as costly as the networks can charge you.

    1. And then they kill you.>_<

    2. Wow. I’m sure 12 million people just rolled over in their graves over that comment

    3. And here we have yet another proof of Godwin’s Law.


  9. So its available worldwide… And for tmobile in other words.

  10. Next month the ip5 is rumored to be released.

    1. Last I heard it was still in pre-engineering verification testing, suggesting October as the launch month.

    2. omgz.pwnies.

  11. That press release reads like translated garbage.

  12. Man, I’m really sorry for you guys in the U.S… carriers can really be a pain in the ***! I really hope you’ll get soon free from their chains, your choice should not be limited by their interests.

  13. Sorry to say this I’m not sorry at all. Normally the states gets the new tech before us in europe just seems to be turned around this year. Most tech is also about 20% cheaper in the US so they have to give us a small win.

    1. yeah but were Americans, the greatest people in the world, we should get everything first and for cheap (jk)

    2. Cheaper? we still have to dish out 300 bucks for most new phones on a 2 year contract and you guys get it for free.

      1. Blame the phone companies for that and lack of competition I live in Ireland which has a relatively small population and has nine telcos. Generally the retail price for electronic goods are the same price in Euros as they are in dollars meaning depending on the exchange rate we pay 20-25% more. Example 16gb Galaxy tab2 399Euro which in dollars is nearly 500 dollars and you can get it for 399.99 in bestbuy so like I said give us our small victories

  14. Why do they always release the 16 gig versions before the 32 and 64 gig versions?

    1. The average user doesn’t need more than 16GB – people who actually use their phone tend to need more space. The average user gets a device solely by if the rep can sell it at the store, word of mouth, or if it comes with something neat say an angry birds plushie. People just buy shit because it’s newer. Think about how many times you have heard someone say i NEED something. BS. Your a creature of habit who just wants the newest thing to fit in.

      1. Well, I have had my 3GS for 3 years, and am sick of it. It’s 32 gigs, though, and only has about 1 gig free. People are now all like “but you can STREAM your music!”

        You can’t stream music on the subway. Or anything else for that matter. It’ll probably take another month in the US, but I’m holding out for the blue 64 gig version. I waited 3 years already.

        1. You’re right, you cant stream music on the subway but if you’re a smart consumer you’ll either download enough to get you by or just allow it to cache some music. I have roughly 512 MB of music on my SD card (a fraction of my total library) for the 10 minutes or so I’d spend underground. Though that’s a lot of songs.

          1. I have about 25 gigs of music/podcasts for my hour-long (each way) subway ride. I don’t think I should have to pick out music for every time I get on the subway.

        2. not only can you get the 64gb version but you can also pack into it a 64gb sd card:)

  15. Mr. Chavez, if you can’t get used to the ad agency’s lousy catch phrase, don’t repeat it. You’re not their lacky (I hope).

  16. I’m in Thailand till tomorrow if anyone wants one let me know!

  17. This isn’t another apple holding up the shipment to the us is it? Guess I can’t blame them for everything. Since they did it to HTC.

  18. Well once you get used to the freedom on Android removable sd card. Anything can be customized. Even custom roms like alternate oses if that’s your cup of tea. you’ll never go back unless your an apple fan boy. Never had an iPhone and don’t desire to. Thought about it when it was the only touch screen phone. But the expensive data plans put me off. I jumped from black berry straight to android. RIM being another one of apples victims. Apple has more power than the government right now because a lot of non computer savy people look to apple to everything for them. That’s why knowledge is power.

    1. It has never been in anytime the only touch phone available. Phones luke LG Prada was first. Knowledge is power.

      1. A better statement would have called the iPhone the “best” smartphone at that time. I wont deny that I even thought it was cool (though I didn’t hate Apple back then). But I got my hands on a G1 and never looked back.

  19. That press release was written horribly. On another note, I’m still waiting for US carrier to release this beast.

  20. just got mine in Singapore =D

    1. cool…how is it?

  21. I stand corrected but it was most advertised in us. Just like the underhanded things they do to keep android from being advertised.

  22. No qualified release date in Denmark so far for either white or blue. Perhaps in a few days, perhaps in a few weeks…. 29. May was announced but all stores have moved the date from a few days to unknown :-)

  23. Really don’t know if the iPhone was ever the best smart phone even at that time. But I knew it existed and didn’t know the LG prada did. Prada could have been better but Apple was and still is a marketing genius. Just like right now android tablets are way more powerful. But apple is ipodding them out of the market. Even getting them banned. That’s why I can’t stand apple. at least Microsoft sells off patents. Steve Jobs claimed android is a stolen products. Looks like Steve stole from lg. Looked up lg prada in wikipidia. maybe Asian culture isn’t so quick to copy write. But Apple is a patent TROLL!

  24. The wikipidia even says LG didn’t follow up on the patent lawsuit.
    They should have. Would love to see
    Apple looking stupid.

  25. ill wait till it drops in price cant fork out 800 bucks at the moment lol

  26. If you don’t have it already galaxy s2 is a sick phone l. Waiting for gs3 release so gs3 price will dropn

  27. Hope s2 drops to 400 to put it on simple mobile

    Buy int unlock from expansys

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