GameStop Goes Full Steam Ahead With Android – More Tablets Coming To 1,600 Stores Across The Country


After a trial run that started in 200 stores last October, GameStop is going full steam ahead with Android, offering up Android gaming tablets like the ASUS Transformer Pad (among others), at more than 1,600 retail locations nationwide.

Joining the lineup of the original OG Transformer are the newer models (Prime, Pad), as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Acer Iconia Tab A200 and A100, followed by the Toshiba Excite 10. Not exactly bloatware per se, the tablets will come with bonus games pre-installed such as Sonic CD and Riptide, and apps like Kongregate Arcade as well as a free issue of Game Informer digital.

While pricing isn’t exactly competitive (you can expect to pay typical retail price for the tabs), in typical GameStop fashion, customers are encouraged to trade-in used merchandise for store credit (even old iOS devices) gaining them a potential discount. If the Android tablets aren’t yet available at your local GameStop, you can also find them for sale online.

It’s interesting to see Android mature into a gaming platform, finding itself offered in game-specific retails chains such as GameStop. Where current generation Android tablets are still a bit on the pricey side (most are more expensive than current gen game consoles), we can only imagine how the landscape will change once Google’s affordable Nexus tablet burst onto the scene in a few short months.

[Gamestop | Via PC World]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Why is Phandroid late with news? Everyday I find something on here I read days earlier somewhere else. I love coming to Phandroid for news, but a lot of it has already been discussed days before you post it.

    1. I think we’re quicker on the news than most sites if you compare everything side by side. It’s impossible to be first out of the gate on every piece of news when there is SO much “news” happening. So we’ve got to prioritize.

      I’m not 100% sure, but I think a large chunk of our readership would prefer we be a tad later on less important news and refocus that extra energy on more unique and original pieces. Would you agree/disagree? Not trying to debate you… I’m honestly interested.

      If you dig the unique content, make sure you pop in on June 1st for a some exciting updates.

      1. You’re late on everything though it seems droid-life, androidcentral and the others are always before you and usually it is a day or more.

          1. pretty much 90% of the articles found on here I would say are a day late compared to the other sites. Not all articles but majority are.

          2. So, everything that was posted today, was already posted yesterday? That’s impossible. Which articles?

      2. I’d say Phandroid is late with some news and quicker with other. To answer the question, I would agree with you (later on less important news). Anyway, I question Gamestop’s decision here. It seems risky, just hoping they don’t fall into same fate as GAME.

          1. Sorry, as I understand it, it’s the Gamestop of the UK and Australia, and they are going under fast.

          2. Yeah, Gamestop over here in the states hasn’t been doing so hot either.. I was just having a conversation with someone today that I don’t think they’ll be around much longer.

          3. Went to pick up a game over the weekend and gamestop was packed just glad they had the pre owned game I wanted and since I am a pro memeber i get 10% off pre owned games which is great since I would not have been able to afford the game otherwise lol. As for the news article I noticed gamestop was selling pre owned tablets online which should drop the price by quite a bit per device.

          4. Powerup rewards is such a waste of money…. pay $15 a month to save 10% unless you are buying games constantly. Trade ins are horrible I wish gamestop would just die. they killed off all of the good video game stores.

          5. Its $15 a year Sorry they didnt give you more for your ps2 version of Madden 05.

          6. For your info my family uses Gamestop constantly for buying and selling games. One card for the family as my brother has the key ring small card. It is $15 a year and not $15 a month as you pointed out so get your facts straight. The card is quite useful when you are constantly buying and selling games as we tend to be.

          7. Yeah, it’s helpful. I don’t buy games too often, but I also share the discount card between me and some friends =p

    2. Which articles? The source for this article was just posted today although yes, the news was from over the weekend.

      If you mean lately, we’ve actually been a man down (one of our writers is on vacation) so sometimes, we play catch up with interesting stories from the weekend.

      There’s not always “breaking Android” related news every single day. So occasionally, I’ll go back and make I cover everything from the previous day (or weekend).

      1. Pfft,

        Don’t pay attention to this guy who obviously enjoys the form factor of phandroid and continues coming.

        You guys are my number 1 source, it’s about consistent quality. And you guys have it.

        1. actually i come for the forums after i visited androidcentral and then droid-life.

          1. Chris125, you are here. End of story.

            Don’t abuse the willing ears of the staff, if you think they are so late then go live on AC and D-L. Also next time, cite the source, if you want to claim “EVRY article is late guys lol” then post a few for reference eh? Easy to criticize, hard to create.

          2. Appreciate the honest feedback, Chris. There are numerous options for news sources within every industry and we’re proud to be the top source for many in the Android world (for both news and forums). Obviously, different people have different preferences… and although we may not be YOUR first source, we’re happy to have you as a reader.

            I’ll make a point of discussing your concerns with the team and finding ways to be even more efficient in turning around important news and stories.

          3. Thanks and I do enjoy reading the articles on this site. My post was not meant to come off as coming down on this site I read various tech sites and like the different perspectives you and your writers bring.

        2. Thanks for the support, Uzza.

  2. I fell like Chris wants to use his potty mouth, but doesn’t so he doesn’t make the site look bad xD

    1. LOL! Oddly enough, I rarely cuss but I do get colorful in my wording (while avoiding 4 letter words)

  3. Hey Chris, not trolling or anything, but what do you style your hair with?

    1. LOL! Well.. if you’re sincere, I use this:

      But recently found these at the 99 cent store (and stocked up):

      Such a strange place to talk about this xD

      1. Haha thanks Chris, and yes sorry to ask here. I stay away from social networking sites and figured I would ask in your latest post lol. Either way, thanks for the response and keep up the good work on here brosef!

  4. I want to buy a android tablet but I wont shop at gamestop because they sell apple products

  5. Android Manufacturers are doing everything to push Android Tablets on unsuspecting tablet buyers, there is a furniture store in Houston that is giving away Android Tablets with minimal purchase, the return line is longer than the purchase line, Android Tablets suck so bad they will eventually bring down the general good thoughts people have about Android Phones

    1. What, you expect a bottom-end tablet sold by third-rate businesses to rival higher-end devices by companies known for quality?

  6. Somehow I think a game-controller cradle that snaps onto some of the popular 7-inch tablets (and Galaxy Note and other popular, big phones) would be far more worthwhile than a standard tablet with more apps. I’d love to snap “wings” onto a 7-inch Nexus tablet turning it into a giant PSP.

    And 7-inch tablets are small enough that your thumbs can reach the center of the screen making them a near ideal size for gaming tablets — when not using the aforementioned extension cradle.

  7. The GameStop at Memorial Mall (Houston) is selling the TF300t 32GB for $399. Seems pretty good to me.

    That’s the Transformer Pad…2? (Or the one that’s kin to the Transformer Prime. The one that’s slightly less powerful.)

    I get lost with the Transformer and Transformer Pad and Transformer Prime and Transformer 2. If that number is wrong or if some of those don’t even exist. I just go by the “TF#” now. Way more easier.

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