Viewsonic to release a 22-inch Android Tablet – Is that too big?


Bigger is always better, right? Well, such is not always the case; at least not for everyone. But Viewsonic is sure that there is a good market for a 22-inch tablet (or table?), and is planning to announce one at Taipei’s Computex. Viewsonic calls it a “smart business tablet monitor,” which pretty much explains what the company is aiming for with this product.

Users have displayed both love and hate towards the first larger tablets. The best example would be Toshiba’s Excite 13, which has a 13-inch display. Some thought it was a great idea, and would be great for media and entertainment. Others believe it is simply too big – Many believe 10 inches is already too much.

A device this large is no longer “just a larger tablet,” though. A 22-inch device would seem much more like a stationary device, much like a computer. One could have it at conference rooms, or desks. But if it is no longer a portable device, why not just get a computer with a full-blown OS?

There are many instances in which a device this large with a mobile OS would be convenient. Personally, it would be cool to have an Android device like this hanging in the kitchen wall. We could leave each other notes, look for recipes, check out the calendar or even watch Netflix while we cook our delicious meals. It could be easy to use and convenient in terms of space and price.

We do not know all the details yet, but you can be sure we will learn more about it once Computex comes around, next month. But we are curious to see what you guys think. Do you think a 22-inch Android “table” is simply too much? Could you find a use for one?

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. That’s out of control!!!

    1. Android walls, anyone? lol

      1. LOL that would be awesome, aquarium screen saver or live wallpaper with like fish swimming around, or even scenery wallpapers

  2. besides the tablet on the kitchen wall scenario this is entirely unneeded.

  3. Nothing is too big or small for everyone. Options are a good thing

  4. Alhought 22 is fairly large I am sure people will find plenty of funcions to derive off of all that screen room. Lets hope it has some serious configurations to push the display with no lagging. Any specs? 1080 P?

  5. Imagine running something like the Chameleon Launcher on a device of this size. An interface like like would be good for something like the kitchen or maybe the living room

    Kickstarter project page for the launcher

  6. Wouldn’t that be a 22″ TABLE?

    1. Not really a table if its hung on the wall now is it? could see this useful for the kitchen and mabe a bedroom media center if you are running a CLNA server like I am something like this would be useful hung on the wall by the bed.

  7. I’m not sure why, but I want it…

  8. I wouldn’t call it too big, but I’d still like to see something smaller. Something like the Galaxy note but closer to the size of a portfolio for business use!

    1. So…something smaller than the original Samsung Tab that was sold at 7 in? The Note weighing in at 5.3 inches seems a bit small to compare a ideal tab size as there are already ones a bit bigger…up to/over 10 inches.

      1. I think he means like a Galaxy Note 7 or 7.7. Either that or he’s talking bigger and just doesn’t know about the Galaxy Note 10.1.

  9. At that size it better have a built in kick stand on the back.

    1. I think this is a PC monitor, so it will most certainly have a stand.

  10. Too small.

  11. perfect size matches my rims on my truck just need to find a way to mount it on my dash

  12. the only way I’d use that is if it had a mouse. I would never use the touch crap with that. Too much effort required.

  13. Useful ?

    Maybe, if you could turn it over and use it as a cutting board.

  14. Hopefully it will feature 800x480px ;P

  15. All in one monitor PC comes to mind with a size like that. Add a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, good to go except the price would probably be too much.

    1. It’s probably a smart PC monitor. My bets are that it’s just a touchscreen monitor that runs Android when the connected Windows PC is off. If it’s engineered properly, you should be able to plug a keyboard and mouse into the monitor itself and when Android is running, use the them there, but when you fire up the PC connected to it the keyboard and mouse are used for that.

  16. I think it really depends on the price. That has been the case in the past…price can make a break a tablet. I for one, am all for different sizes, just as long as the price is reasonable…I can always find a purpose for it.

  17. Umm i guess as long as there is a market for it nothing can be too big. However i dont see this being practical. It wont fit in a backpack so its not even portable at that point. I think 17 inches is really the limit

    1. Is everyone certain this is eve a tablet and not a computer monitor? 22″ is too big for a tablet, but that’s the perfect size for a computer monitor, which Viewsonic makes as well.

      1. As I said this would be nice hung ont he wall by the bed or the living room couch for quick looks during the day or just quick check ups at night before bed and before you get your day started. So I am not counting this as tablet myself lol. With a launcher like Chameleon that isnt a giant phone screen like most launchers seem to be. At least Chameleon Launcher would make this useful and as long as the tablet is able to pull off at least 720p over the network if not proper 1080p playback that would be perfect as a wall mounted media center over the bed when you need it and still be usefull during the day when you dont need the media playback.

  18. At that point, I wouldn’t consider it a tablet. It’s somewhere between a tablet and a Google TV. May as well include a tuner,

    1. Everybody is missing the fact that this is a “smart business tablet MONITOR.” Viewsonic makes computer monitors as well, which is what I think this is. It’s basically like a smart TV but instead a smart touchscreen computer monitor.

  19. 10 inch is perfect 7 inch is too small. Might as well be on your phone with a 7inch.

  20. This should explain everything.

  21. This is a computer monitor from all indications I see. That’s why it’s called “smart business tablet monitor.” The advantage is with this, if you need to check the web for something, you don’t have to boot your desktop up to do so or to view photos or whatever. You can always fire up the computer it’s hooked to for more capabilities, but this is quicker, easier, and more power efficient.

    1. Oh!? Lyk Chromebook?

  22. Yes, but will it run Crysis???

  23. No, it’s not too big….in fact 24-26″ would be ideal. I probably wouldn’t call it a tablet either.
    The only problem is that no one in their right mind will ever purchase an android device from viewsonic again.

  24. I’d totally rock this while riding the metro bus. LoL!!

  25. I think it is a good idea. One can use this for entertainment, watching videos and movies. But on second thought, its not that good compared to the 10-inch or 7-inch tablets.

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