May 25th, 2012

A handy “screen-to-body” graph has been making the rounds across a few tech sites which brought it back to my attention. I actually found the graph while cruising through the depths of Reddit the other night on my off-time, and thought a few of you would find it useful. The graph takes information on a various device’s body and display size, plotting them in graphs and charts so we can see who comes out on top.

Also known as “screen-to-bezel ratio,” it appears that the Samsung Galaxy Note takes top honors as the one Android device with the biggest sized screen for its body size. Rounding up 3rd place is the HTC EVO 4G LTE (although the creator forgot the LTE part) with a respectable 66 ratio.

Which devices had the largest bezels? Well, it’s not surprise that the “bezel-tastic” iPhone 4S was one of the worst offenders, with the Motorola Droid 4 coming in dead last. Although not by any means a comprehensive list, it could provide a valuable resource for those that obsess with having a device that’s virtually “all screen.”

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