Bump update allows you to share to your desktop… sort of


Bump have announced a new update for their sharing service that allows two mobile users to share files and media by simply “bumping” phones. Today, it extends beyond mobile. You can now share your stuff to your desktop. Simply tapping your keyboard’s space bar with your phone does the trick. The catch is that it’s not actually going to your desktop, but to your bump account online. From there, you can quickly download the photo to your desktop. Head to to get started and find the accompanying Android app in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Amazing feature! This will allow my students to utilize their technology (bump app) to easily transfer images, etc to a computer for projects…+1 for BUMP!

  2. This is a great feature. It’s pretty obvious that they go through their website for 2 reasons, easier to implement because there is no common port such as NFC in computers, and plugging in the cable defeats the whole purpose of this feature. And second it drives traffic to bumps website. With this feature I am actually contemplating of putting bump on my phone.

  3. I don’t have to “bump” anything and my pictures show up on my computer automatically with Drop Box and/or G+. Don’t get the need for something that is going to make me have to do something at my computer when there are already apps that do it without me there.

  4. Yeah, seems like this isn’t any different than just using Dropbox, except for the extra step of bumping the space bar with your phone. I see no benefit to this. I have Bump on my phone, I will probably never use this feature.

  5. My computer has both a USB port and Bluetooth… or I could send it over WiFi… or send it to Google+/Drive… etc, etc, etc.

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