Promising sample video from Project Glass surfaces


We’ve already seen a nice collection of photos surface from those who are helping test Project Glass, and now the next best thing has come to light: video. One Googler put the prototype glasses on and took them for a spin on the trampoline. The 15 second video was shot in 720p and it definitely impresses my eyes. Yours may be different, but considering this is a prototype I’d say things are looking very sharp. Find the sample video above. [via The Verge]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Good looking video

  2. i dont understand. whos to say this wasnt some punk kid with a phone taped to his Forhead?

    1. And who’s to say this wasn’t me using my video camera glasses? Or anyone else that owns a pair for that matter? There are plenty that exist. Some in HD. Way before Google announced this project glass.

  3. Only 15 seconds?

  4. Yea not much information here. Nothing really proving this is project glass. I’m less interested in the capturing from this device anyway. If I want to get on a trampoline and tape some stuff I can get 1080p video with a GoPro.

    Way more interested in the images it will be project into my eyes allowing me to not look at my phone for navigation, messages, and what ever else they can include. It would be awesome when riding my bike if I could get navigation without using my device from my backpack.

  5. OK, so the camera works. I’d say this would be the easiest part…

  6. I’m glad he didn’t look down. Nothing worse than seeing a naked man on a trampoline!

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