German court hands down injunction in Microsoft patent spat with Motorola


Another day, another patent lawsuit to comb over. This time it’s Microsoft v. Motorola and the non-Android party is the winner, for the moment. A judge has declared an injunction that will prevent Motorola Mobility from selling any devices that violate Microsoft patent EP1304891, or the ability to transmit “multi-part messages between cellular devices using a standardized interface.” This could create some headaches for Motorola, as the patent in question could be used to describe any sort of generic messaging system.

The good news, if there is any, for Motorola is that the judge hasn’t reached a decision yet on whether or not Moto has indeed violated the patent. These latest developments come on the heels of an ITC ruling to ban the importation of Motorola devices infringing on a separate Microsoft patent and follow a ruling in the Google v. Oracle case where the makers of Android were found not guilty of infringement. With the Google buyout of Motorola now complete, the results of these cases have bigger implications than ever on the two partners.

[via The Verge]

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  1. So Moto phones will be blocked in Germany and Xboxes will be blocked in the US?

    1. Yep, I think we’ll soon be reading about cross-licensing deals to make this all go away.

  2. What’s next? Being unable to sell devices that “can make and receive calls”?

    1. Only if they use a standardized interface.

  3. I’m gonna patent: Device that can do things and stuff with human input, with capability of doing nothing at all as well.

    That should cover everything, including bricked devices.

    1. I’m going to patent things and stuff.

  4. I plan on patenting the process by which human devices use verbal and non verbal actions to communicate between other human devices using a standardized set of ears, eyes and lips. I am also going to patent the api’s used to create all the languages used to create those communications between devices. Now every time a judge or attorney speaks, types or writes they will have to pay me. I won’t be patenting the process by which human devices think though. because, apparently, judges and attorneys don’t do that.

  5. Really what should happen is the patent office needs to come up with a standard for which all devices should be able to do, such as Make phone call, send text messages, receive phone calls, save numbers etc. This should be the baseline for all further decisions.

  6. So what is a standardized interface? Make it unique, problem solved. Probably not that simple but there’s gotta be a way around this that don’t involve more licensing/banning fees.

  7. I know there are other high profile cases going on in the tech world but it sure seems like the lion’s share of lawsuits are everybody vs. Android….there sure is a lot of hate heaping upon our green little friend, especially coming from the old guards Microsoft and Apple…

  8. just behave moral and agree with this:

    it is time to show we do not like this system of rotten companies

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