HTC EVO 4G LTE Now Shipping – Hitting Some Doorsteps on May 24th


We’ve been receiving Phantips all morning that more than a few lucky Sprint customers have been receiving shipping confirmations for the HTC EVO 4G LTE, complete with UPS tracking numbers. The phones are set to arrive on porches and doorsteps May 24th.

It was only a day ago that Sprint confirmed the 24th date, but mentioned that the device could ship on or around the 24th, meaning it could arrive a few days later. This is great news for those who ordered the Evolte online, and wanted the device in their hands on day 1. You guys excited?

Chris Chavez
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  1. YES! YES! YES!

  2. YES!!

  3. Lots of confirmation for LTEvo shipments being tracked in the forums –


    (Chris – pronounced EL TEvo -.^ ^.^)

    1. You Android kids and your hip slang.. =p

      1. lmao

        1. That’s “EL-mao”

      2. well if you spent more time in the “Cool” section of the forum it would be quite obvious to you :P

  4. This is great to hear. Alot of happy owners….just passed its 5day mark from original release date. I thought this was gonna have a major impact if delayed 2 weeks or more. Now that would have been a crappy situation for all carriers waiting for this device.

  5. Can’t wait to read some reviews

    1. The reviews I have seen so far haven’t been great :/

      (Actually they have been pretty disappointing)

      1. The reviews for the phone have all been stellar. The only negative things people had to say was due to not having LTE yet which has nothing to do with the phone. If that’s the only bad thing people have to say then its a success especially since LTE is going live THIS MONTH in my area.

        1. A lot of the complaints also revolve around the 3G service. Compared with only CDMA phones, the Evo LTE performs really bad and these signal problems cause the phone to chew through the battery.

  6. Guess who’s shinny new Evo will be on his doorstep tomorrow afternoon? This guys!!! I am so excited that I pre-ordered online. I will be doing a full praise, and a loud shouted “Thank you Jesus” the moment I get it :D Good luck to everyone who is still waiting for the email or from 3rd party vendors.

  7. This is making me wish I hadn’t ordered through Wirefly, even though it was the best deal. They still won’t give me any update on when it will ship.

    1. I ordered from Amazon. I’m presuming we won’t get a ship date until we find out what date Sprint will have them in stores since that’s what our ship date was originally based on.

  8. Just checked UPS. Current status – out for delivery. Can’t wait to get out of work today!

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