Unlocked GSM Galaxy S3 up for pre-sale on Amazon for $800 (and why you should probably wait)


It looks like at least one merchant is prepared to offer the Samsung Galaxy S3 soon in the states. Amazon.com listings for an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus for both Pebble Blue and Marble White editions have appeared.

The seller’s name is BLUTEKUSA, and a little Googling shows they’re a legit reseller of wireless phones. While their track record seems rather unproven, the Better Business Bureau stamped them with an “F” grade meaning there’s not a whole lot to know about BLUTEKUSA. In other words, they’re untrustworthy until proven otherwise.

With that little disclaimer out of the way, they’re apparently offering the Galaxy S3 for $800 unlocked for use on GSM carriers worldwide. For that price, Americans can get the device as early as June 1st if the listing is to be believed.

Should you, though? That’s up to you. Those on AT&T will probably find better, more reliable, and cheaper import options from Canada. But even with that, you have to factor in the belief that AT&T’s Galaxy S3 will come with LTE while any import won’t. And the phone is set to launch in the United States this June anyway and we imagine AT&T or T-Mobile will be one of the first carriers offering the device.

If it were my decision I’d definitely hit the “wait” button, but if you want to take advantage of an offer that comes with a wide degree of uncertainty, find both versions here and here. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. Also, I don’t know how you can justify paying double the price of an unlocked galaxy nexus for an S3.

  2. Expansys USA has it for a hundred bucks cheaper and they are reliable.

  3. Yeah, anyone who preorders this seems just a bit greedy to me. $800 vs the likely $200 on contract here in the states. Sure, maybe the US variants may be a bit more locked down, and the SoC may be switched out to the S4 chip, but that thing is more than capable, as we can see with the US One X variants (in some instances, the S4 performed better than their quad-core solution). Plus, with all four variants passing through Bluetooth SIG, you gotta imagine this thing is coming soon. Like, by mid June even.

    1. Really it works out to be about the same price even with or without the contract for the LTE vs International.

      Contract AT&T variant of the SGS3
      $30 data plan x 24 months = $720
      $199 + tax (9.75% in TN) = $219.49
      Total = 939.49**

      Off contract International Varient of the SGS3
      $10 media net x 24 months = $240
      Off contract from Expansys = $694
      Total = $934

      *Edit: This model only works getting service with AT&T on contract vs sim only. Since, there are plenty of cheaper ways too.

      **Edit 2: Forgot the upgrade/activation fee depending on circumstances or if you don’t get them waived.

      1. That’s assuming you can get away with using a media net plan, which isn’t for smartphones (they have a list of approved phones, which are all feature phones ) and which probably has more restrictions, like no access to the 4G apn’s and therefore slower data speeds. AT&T has locked out devices from plans before, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day you find your S3 locked out.

        1. Seeing as how I’m using an i9100 currently and before that a SGH-i717R (Rogers Galaxy Note) on media net I don’t think I’ll have a problem. Media net is capped at 6 mbs which is fine since there is no 4G/LTE within 150 miles of me. However, there is a trick to get LTE on media net with a LTE sim card. I couldn’t try it when I had the phone as there is no LTE/4G here or any use for an LTE sim but if for some reason they did “lock out” my SGS3 I’d switch to straight talk with an AT&T sim and get the same service.

  4. i think i’ll wait until well after it releases here in the states and get it for about $550 off contract.

  5. Canadian imports will have LTE. Already the Galaxy So was LTE on Rogers Wireless, it’s very unlikely they will take a step back.

  6. As much as I’m really looking forward to this device, can we slow down on the constant, and minimal, blog posts?

  7. for what it’s worth. I purchased my unlocked nexus from them and had no issues. it’s fulfilled by amazon.

  8. Did you just copy and past Chris Chavez article or what? He posted this last night!! Double.post

  9. $199 New contract. Yes!

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