HTC releases Android 4.0 update timeline, announced devices to receive ICS by August


HTC has released a detailed roadmap for devices receiving the update to Android 4.0. All phones slates to be upgraded are scheduled to receive Ice Cream Sandwich by August. Most devices, including the HTC Rezound, HTC EVO 3D, and HTC Desire S should see the update by July, while others including the HTC Thunderbolt and Droid Incredible 2 will get the new software by the final days of the eighth month.

The list is quite exhaustive and chances are if you have picked up an HTC device on the higher end of the hardware spectrum within the past year yours is included. Head on over to the source link below to see the full timeline.

[HTC via DroidDog]

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  1. I like HTC, but their “timely upgrades” suck. that is why I am getting the next nexus. pure Google, fast updates.

    1. I have a Galaxy Nexus. Internet hasn’t worked on it properly for months. Don’t be too jealous.

      1. Verizon Galaxy Nexus here. No major problems to report apart from the odd random reboot (very rare).

        1. So some Galaxy Nexuses work and some don’t, which means when u buy one there’s a 50% chance it’s going to suck.

    2. nexus = fast updates…
      AIt was released with ics
      all of my what…
      HTC vivid was the first ics update stateside and so far they have two devices on ics which is one or two more than any other company?
      just get a samsung they have quick painless updates like errday.

  2. Htc right now is up there with Samsung for pushing out updates. No they’re not super quick but they are in fact faster then the competition.

  3. Just in time for Jelly Bean. Fantastic.

    1. lmao ikr? Android handset makers in general needs to work in sync with Google in releasing their latest software A LOT sooner than waiting almost an year for the new software to come to non-Nexus devices…

  4. step 1) HTC approves ICS (May)
    step 2) Verizon tests (June/August)
    step 3) Verizon pushes in December….2013

    crap :)

    1. you forgot step 1.5 though. it leaks to the dev community and the devs finally get a working ril for the thunderbolt and awesome ics roms emerge (June/August)


  5. It’s sad they haven’t mentioned the mytouch 4G Slide cause that phone is more than capable of running ICS

  6. So we have gone from… being sold as ICS ready, to early 2012, to the first quarter, to may 9th, and now we are to before July. I am so tired of these supposed dates. I imagine they are waiting till after the Inc4G to come out. Since ICS is all that phone has going for it.
    Glad i installed the first ICS leak back in march. I was hoping to wait for the official ICS before rooting my phone, but these delays are pushing me to want to go ahead and root so i can unlock my wifi tether.
    Decisions, decisons.

  7. I’ve had Motorola-horrible update timeframe

    Samsung-worse than Motorola

    HTC-was reasonable, now it seems like they are falling behind.

    I might need to get a nexus phone next. Too bad they are made by samsung right now.

    1. Yeah, i would have picked up a Nexus before, but i’m not a fan of Samsung’s hardware. (my two friends with the Nexus have constant problems with reception and random reboots, and now screen burn.) Here’s to hoping that the next nexus is either HTC or Asus.

      1. an htc nexus would be beast mode but I don’t think google would put stock in a lower selling HTC which sucks because I love me some htc

  8. The Rezound was suppose to get the ICS update weeks ago. This is bull shit IMO. I have rooted and flashed custom roms for all my phones up to the Rezound. I have been waiting for the OTA update because this phone just works so well. I think the ICS update will remove the little bit of lag left in this phone. If I feel it is not what it should be I will root and flash a custom rom. Please give us ICS.

  9. Yea, I just can’t bring myself to buy another samsung phone. Every time I test one the GPS sucks, every HTC phone I’ve had I can get a lock in my basement in 2 seconds. Ill stick with HTC for awhile

  10. A renewed call for the option to have manufacturer skins as downloadable addons is in order I think.

  11. Why is the Incredible S update coming in June – July, and the Incredible 2’s update is “by the end of August”. They’re the same phone….. f’ing verizon man.

  12. Desire HD July to August?!?!?!? :’-S (:’-O

    1. i think should be Dec or next year Jan…be patient

  13. MyTouch 4G??

  14. I’m eligible for an upgrade in June, so I shall bid adieu to my EVO 3D. It has been great explaining to people how to view your 3D pics, but we must now part due to HTC’s inability to stick with an ICS due date.

    1. 1. buy evo 4g lte out of box ics
      2. ???????
      3. Profit

  15. Thank u HTC so my disire s will get it soon made up

  16. On my 5th replacement Thunderbolt and now out of warranty. What are the odds it will make it to August and ICS?

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