Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Available For Pre-Order in the US via Amazon and Expansys


If your budding rap career has just started taking off, and you feel like the Samsung Galaxy S3 would look rather nice atop Amber Rose covered in a pile of your own money, you may be interested to know that the GS3 is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for the low price of.. $800.

We’ve seen the device pop up on Amazon before, but that was back when it was up for pre-order in Europe, this marking the first time it’s been available for calling dibs here in the states. This particular model is available unlocked in either blue or white with 16GB of internal storage and a complete lack of US supported LTE bands. But you know what that means? Yup, you guessed it. The much sought after quad-core Exynos processor will come inside.

If AT&T’s HSPA+ network is all the data speeds you’ll need (or T-Mobile’s Edge), hit up the source link and get to pre-ordering. The 3rd party retailer lists June 1st as the expected ship date, but admits that it’s nowhere near final. Just take it as a rough guesstimation.

Update: Or, as someone in the comments mentioned, you can get it via Expansys (a trusted online retailer) for a more reasonable $700.

[Amazon | Expansys]

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  1. My horrid little town will have Verizon’s LTE by the time I get back, so it looks like I’ll be stuck with awful, awful dual core. :-( Oh, wait. :-)

    1. The awful dual core that beat the Exynos in a couple of tests in benchmarks on GSM Arena? :D Oh wait, benchmarks don’t matter, but still, that S4 is a monster :D

      1. the S4 is pretty nice, but I’d still take the Quad Core Exynos over it.

      2. i think the s4 in a phone with a 720p display beat the exynos in one benchmark according to anandtech, so iirc that’s slightly less than a couple.

        1. Hmm, still, apart from the GPU performance, I don’t think in real life performance there’s gonna be any noticeable difference. Also, that amazing GPU power will never get used, and the Adreno 225 will be up to the task in everything. Four cores are just unneeded, unless you intend on using AutoCAD on the phone :P

  2. Beware people it’s $800 for the 16GB version. You’ll have to pawn your right arm if you want the 32GB or the 64GB versions!!!

    1. Isn’t that what memory cards are for? Or does the S3 not have a microSD card slot?

      1. Not to mention 50 GB of Dropbox…

      2. We are difficult to please…

  3. Its no true

  4. Who the heck is BluetekUSA… no need to buy from some unknown wireless company. They probably just bought the international version and will upsell it to unsuspecting people. Clearly.

    1. I would think that a well known outfit like Expansys would be the first ones out the gate with availability…

  5. I believe someone in another post mentioned this, but


    thats $694.00

  6. I think this phone would run on T-Mobile H in areas that have been refarmed.

  7. If only I had piles of cash laying around for a phone. What are they making $500 pure profit on each phone. That’s retarded…

    1. This is the standard price for most unlocked phones. Keep in mind, the original iPhone retailed for as much as $600 because it was unsubsidized. Carriers subsidize our phones to make them affordable to us because they know they’re going to rape us with data.

  8. How likely is it that the 32/64 gig options are going to come out much later than the 16 gig? E.g., the international Nexus, which I think has yet to come out with a 32 gig, right?

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