New “Angry Birds Heikki” Sequel Coming In June – Get Ready For More High Flying Flapping Fun


The boys from Rovio are revving up their engines, firing up yet another Angry Birds sequel due on June 18th. This time, the Finnish developers are taking their feathered friends to the race track in Angry Birds Heikki.

For those of you unawares, Heikki Kovalainen is a Formula 1 race car driver from Rovio’s homeland of Finland, and if those checkered flags are any indication, we’ll be seeing some sort of race themed environments to fling our favorite angry critters across. Well, either that or we’re looking at kart racing game starting the Angry Birds (not likely). Actually, we’re not even so sure this will hit mobile devices with MSN mentioning it could be a browser-only title (also not likely).

In other Rovio news, the company is celebrating 20+ million downloads with the plans to open up more Angry Birds theme parks, this time in China. Rovio’s first theme park just opened up in Finland a few short weeks ago, and these new Chinese parks are said to offer a completely different experience from traditional theme parks, by putting park-goers inside the game — not just waiting around in lines for hours on end.

It’s always been a dream of mine to be shot from a giant slingshot into an enormous pile of bacon… Looks like I’ll be buying a plane ticket ticket to China.

[AndroidPIT | DroidGamers | MSN | Kotaku]


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  1. I’m so tired of these stupid Angry Birds games.

    1. No longer a fan of high flying flapping fun? O_o

      1. why did i read fapping? oh. its 4:52AM here and my insomnia directed me to phandroid. AGAIN.

  2. ohhh Angry People Relax…

  3. VTEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaAAAAAA

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