HTC EVO 4G LTE officially cleared to ship May 24th


After a brief hold-up at US Customs, Sprint has officially announced that the HTC EVO 4G LTE will be on its way to customers and are scheduled to ship or arrive on May 24th. That’s not the Mat 23rd rumor that’s been going around, but one day never hurt anyone.

If you don’t remember, some HTC devices were held up at customs for inspection. The devices were being checked for implementation of an Apple patent, but HTC was a step ahead of the game as they’d altered the firmware to remove the infringing code.

We’re not sure of Apple’s motive to enforce these inspections, but we have a pretty good idea and it looks like they won’t be putting a dent into HTC’s plans. As for you EVO 4G LTE pre-sale customers, you’ll have your device before the weekend is over. Go ahead and pour yourself that glass of scotch and wine to celebrate. [Sprint, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Oh hell ya. 24th seems so far away

  2. So does this mean since I pre ordered May 7 at 9am exactly will my device ship tomorrow since tomorrow is the 22nd and Sprint pretty much guaranteed we would have our phones early in other words anyways :-) finally !!!! Lol

  3. YESSS!!!

  4. It’s as if the windows of heaven poured out, and out came the HTC EVO 4G LTE… lol

  5. yea!!! take that apple

  6. That sucks. Apple needs protection from all of these companies stealing their IP.

    1. Poor, poor Rosita.

      No IP was ever stolen, the patent in question Apple never defended before, and it wouldn’t have stood up to pre-dot-com patent inspections – it was prior art and casually obvious to practitioners of the art.

      But you eat your clover and keep bleeting the the warped version of the fantasy-reality truth that you believe in.

      The rest of us will believe in the law of gravity, the speed of light and actual truth and justice.

      Hope it all works out on Planet 1080p though.

  7. Awesome…finally getting the phone with LTE in its name but no LTE. As far as I’m concern…this HTC One X knock off can stay in customs. The true crime is deceiving the customer with yet another bogus 4g connection. 4G WiMAX is NOT a true 4G server…its just WiFi looking for a 4G signal. Pathetic Sprint. Go with AT&T and get the better phone on a way better carrier. Other wise…enjoy your “4G LTE” on not even 3G data speeds.

    1. As harsh as this comment was, I have to agree. I JUST left Sprint yesterday and jumped over to AT&T to get the One XL, and the device is amazing, I really don’t miss the SD card slot as I realized I had a lot of useless junk on my memory card anyway. Im glad I upgraded with AT&T, I did a speed test today and got 37mbs down… Insane! EvoLTE is a better device though, just on a lackluster network.

      1. Its getting better soon…I’m sticking it out..love my evo 3d!!!!

        I can’t wait to see what phones they have a year from now…

  8. The work around HTC did is a little annoying, but at least I have my One X.

  9. Always sour grapes, in the Comments,sheesh fellas, it Be Kind to Kings Day,meaning All of The Big Daddys,Like em or Not There Here to Stay,sincerely,a ladywithaCoupleofDads,and saintly watchers.

  10. Apple lost big time! All Apple wants to do is to stop the HTC ONE X family to enter the USA! They`re wrong the phone out for sale one way or the other…

  11. Galaxy s lll next month.

  12. Finally HTC Evo 4G LTE releasing

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