May 18th, 2012

While this isn’t the lowest price this tablet has ever been available for, the HP TouchPad is a bit hard to find. Paying nearly $200 for this tablet might be justified, all things considered. Woot is offering the 32GB-equipped device for $195 for one day only.

It’s a refurbished model, but if you take a look at the going rates on eBay you’ll find that it’s a bargain: there, the 16GB version is going for as high as $275! The 32GB is close to $500. Are you starting to see why this would be a good idea?

Sure, WebOS was pretty much driven into the ground, but the Android community couldn’t help themselves and they got all sorts of ROMs made for the device. Do some research over at XDA and RootzWiki to get started, but in the meantime make sure you purchase one of these at Woot pronto.

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