Week 2 TegraZone Anniversary Contest: Tell us if you’re buying Sonic 4: Episode II, and why


Are you guys ready for the second week’s TegraZone anniversary and Player’s Choice Awards contest courtesy of NVIDIA? We know we are. If you aren’t in the know, NVIDIA’s just hit their one-year anniversary with TegraZone and they’re holding a Player’s Choice Awards! Hit that link to vote, and you can also snap a photo of the QR code directly below.

You’ll get the chance to vote for your favorite games in three categories, including best graphical game, best gameplay, and best overall game. With your vote, you’re entered for a chance to win one of 7 Transformer Pad TF300 prize packs. The pack includes the ASUS Transformer Pad 300, a keyboard dock, a wireless controller and a Jawbone JAMBOX!

If you fear you won’t have much of a chance in that contest, there will be two more chances to win a prize pack with the good folks of Phandroid! The second starts today so you’ll want to read through the bottom for more details.

  • Up for grabs today (May 17th, 2012) is one ASUS Transformer Pad 300 prize pack. The prize pack includes the ASUS Transformer Pad 300, a special NVIDIA themed JAMBOX by Jawbone, a keyboard dock compatible with the Pad 300, and a wireless controller. Running the latest Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the ASUS Transformer Pad is a value packed tablet that with multi-color style, and productivity with expandability when connected to the mobile dock. With a 1.2MP front and 8MP rear auto-focus camera with large F/2.2 aperture and exclusive office software, staying connected and productive has never been easier.
  • To enter, simply submit a comment telling us if you’ll be seeking Sonic 4: Episode II, the latest Tegra HD game to hit TegraZone and the Google Play Store.
  • Only one entry per person allowed.
  • The entry period will expire at 12:00am Eastern on May 17th, 2012.
  • The winner will be chosen at random.
  • If we can not get in contact with you within a 24 hour time period, a new random winner will be selected. This will continue until a winner is determined.
  • If you don’t use real contact information, we can’t send you real cool stuff!

Thanks to the fine folks at NVIDIA and Sega, I’ve been playing Sonic 4: Episode II on the ASUS Transformer Prime with the Logitech Wireless controller. I was pressured by my friends to get the Xbox 360 version, but I honestly have no need — the Tegra HD version looks just as good, and I can just as easily hook my tablet up to my TV using an HDMI cable.

I can use it while it’s inside its tablet dock. I can get my Sonic 4 fix on the go, and I can download it on other Tegra 3 devices. It was a no-brainer even if I did have to pay for it. Be sure to find Sonic 4: Episode II in TegraZone and the Google Play Store.

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  1. If I had a tablet to play it on I would :-)

  2. it’s a classic game and want to see how it looks on my phone

  3. I already bought Episode One, so I guess I’ll be getting the second one too. Sure would be nice if I had a fancy Tegra 3 tablet to play it on…

  4. Definitely, if I had a nice Android tablet, it’d be on my buy list for sure!

  5. Apparently not, since it’s not compatible with my Xoom wifi or Gnex

  6. Of course I’m buying it because its classic and brings me back to old days with playing it on my Handheld Sega. Also it will look beautiful on my device

  7. Sonic games are the best. My son and I have been playing Sonic Generations on the Xbox 360. Its such a great experience to have my son enjoy the same games that I enjoyed as a kid. I would so buy sonic if I had a ASUS Transformer Pad 300. Love to have a ASUS Transformer Pad 300 so me and my son can play on the go.

  8. not my style of game

  9. Only reason I’m not buying is because I don’t have Tegra 3 tablet to play it on….

  10. I’ll be buying it assuming I have a Tegra 3 Tablet :)

  11. I would get the game if I had a tegra 3 tablet. Come on, let me win oen of these contests, Please!!!

  12. I’d be glad to buy it if I had a Tegra3 tablet. I’ve only currently got a GNex

  13. I would buy it if I win the tegra 3 tablet :)

  14. Because Sonic is still one of the best games ever made. I have my Sega Genesis connected to my plasma to get in games sometimes.

  15. I’d get Sonic if I had a Tegra 3 device. Excellent graphics and performance!

  16. If I had a tablet I’d totally get this. :)

  17. Nostalgia! It does look really good though. Plus, I know the GF would love it.

  18. I need a Tegra 3 tablet first…but yes, i’d buy it

  19. I will not be buying it – until I have a Tegra 3 device!

  20. Absolutely if I have a new tablet to play it on

  21. Very tempting indeed. I probably will buy it at some point, though I have a great backlog of games I still have to get through. I’m pretty sure that if I see someone play it in person, I’ll have to buy it.

  22. Maybe. Was never a huge Sonic fan but for a tablet game I probably would

  23. If I grab a tablet I probably would look at getting some Sonic on it :)

  24. Maybe. Almost definitely if I win the pad.

  25. Probably won’t be getting it unless I see it on Amazon FAOTD because I just got Diablo 3, and that is going to be taking up all my free time for a while.

  26. It would deffinitely a game a would be getting if i had a tablet/tegra 3 device

  27. I will be picking this up when I get home with my ps3 controller this will be an awesome game to have on road trips this summer

  28. I would definitely get Sonic if I had a tablet. I am stuck on my Nook Color for now.

  29. I would definitely buy it for its graphics it really looks good and will show off the power of Tegra 3

  30. Never been much of a Sonic fan myself, maybe if it’s Amazon’s Free App sometime I’ll get it.

  31. If I win this contest, yes it will be the first game I purchase. I don’t currently have a Tegra 3 device.

  32. No, because when I was a kid I was bad at Sonic and I have been left forever scarred. Instead I look at cat pictures on the Internet.

  33. I always loved sonic on the genesis and I picked up that sonic cd game that came out on android and I think this one will be another great game of nostalgia.

  34. I’d be willing to get it as birthday present to myself. SONIC FOREVER!!!!

  35. Definitely wanting to check out that game when it comes to the market. I loved Sonic back in the Sega days :D

  36. I will be getting it. No doubt.

  37. Hopefully I will win this contest and I will be able to buy
    Sonic 4: Episode II. It looks fun and the graphics look amazing.

  38. I will be checking this game out for sure, bought the last one and had every one when I was a kid. One thing I did learn is that touch isn’t all that sonic friendly so I will probably get a game controller with that beautiful usb host functionality in ICS! Hook me up!

  39. As soon as I have a Tegra powered device, this will be the first app I buy because Sonic was one of my favorite games growing up.

  40. I’d gladly play it, always been a sonic fan.

  41. I will definitely be buying it, I still play Sonic on my Sega Gensis.

  42. heck yeah! Sonic is awesome!

  43. If I win, I will get it for sure. Otherwise, no Tegra3 device.

  44. I will be getting it if I can find an acceptable tablet to use! ;)

  45. yup, count me in

  46. I’ve always wanted to see Sonic on a suitable device, and this has just enough “screen-estate” to handle it.

  47. I was a bit disappointed to hear that I’d have to wait a couple more months to play the Sonic 4 episode on my Xoom… but if I had a new Transformer packing the Tegra 3 I’d pick it up in a spindash.

  48. Would surely be checking out the Sonic 4. Good Old Sonic is classy enough and on Tegra’s platform, i sure hope it’s would look amazing.

  49. I’m buying it simply because my uncle had introduced Sonic to me 14 years ago or so, and have been a sonic fan ever since.

  50. Not unless I am a winner!

  51. If I win I will be, as of yet no Tegra 3 :(

  52. I have fond memories of the Sonic games starting on the Genesis. If I had a Tegra 3 device to play this on, I’d be all over it. What a great franchise.

  53. Yes I’m buying Sonic 4. Why? Because I’m winning a Tegra powered Tablet from Phandroid of course!

  54. SONIC ROCKS! Who doesn’t want some SONIC GOODINESS!!!

  55. I will definitely be buying Sonic 4 once I have a Prime or 300 in my hands but the wife has decided vacation > my toys so it’s got to wait till after summer lol.

  56. I’ll definitely check it and Ep 1 out if I can get my hands on a tablet. Thanks for the chance!

  57. As of now I’m not buying Sonic, but a new tablet will change my mind. :P

  58. Can’t wait to play Sonic! Been a while, but I’ll never forget the classic!

  59. I would like to get Sonic, but since I don’t have a TegraZone capable device, I cannot. Maybe if I won one through some sort of contest…

  60. You bet I’m buying it, just as soon as I win a Tegra powered tablet!!

  61. I’ll probably pick it up when I get a tablet.

  62. I’ll be seeking sonic.

  63. I would like to get Sonic. The old games are fun to play.

  64. I will definitely be seeking Sonic 4: Episode II. I miss sonic. I haven’t played since I was little kid. :)

  65. Hell yeah I will get Sonic… Brings back classic memories. I can get my kids to start playing it!

  66. I will be buying it, but not until the GS3 comes out so I can upgrade and get a phone that can run it properly!!

  67. I currently don’t own a tablet capable of running it, but I loved Sonic on the old Genesis system. It would awesome to play this on the ASUS Transformer Pad 300. :D

  68. I probably wouldn’t be in a big hurry to get Sonic, because my favorite game type is more of a Shadowgun style (3D shooters with a story and amazing graphics).

  69. No, I am not a big Sonic fan.

  70. I definitely plan to pick up Sonic 4: Episode II. Can’t wait for all the old memories it will bring back!

  71. I have debated Sonic 4, and will probably purchase IF I HAD A TEGRA DEVICE!

  72. I’m playing as soon as I can get my thumbs on it.

  73. I would pick it up, if I had a nice big 10 inch screen to play it on with a controller. Any ideas how you could help me out?

  74. Of course I’m buying it sonic games were my childhood but I hope I can purchase it and play it on my nook color using chainfire

  75. I will get it as soon as I can get an device that can play it.

  76. Concerned about the controls, but I’ll probably check it out (assuming I win the tablet, of course)

  77. will play it as soon as I get my new Transformer

  78. ill get it the first second ill get a tegra 3 device followed closely by ShadowGun

  79. Once I get a Tegra device I will definitely be buying this game since I’ve always loved the Sonic games – fast-paced split-second reaction games are my favorite. Now if only I could afford a Tegra device…

  80. Yes I will be picking it up, it will be like the old days when I had Sonic on game gear!

  81. Hell yes! I love me some sonic =D

  82. Sweet, some Sega and Pad… Awesome combo

  83. Yes I plan to buy it. I enjoyed playing Sonic when I was younger. It’ll be fun to play it on my new tablet.

  84. I will be downloading it ASAP. Played a lot of Sonic on the Genesis growing up.

  85. Id love to but its incompatible with all my current devices. Want this so bad.

  86. I remember playing Sonic on my Sega Game Gear and I can’t help but feel like this will be a drastic improvement.

  87. I will probably buy it. I love the old classic games, especially when they are in HD!

  88. I’ll pass on sonic, always was more of a Mario fan. I would have some other uses for that Prime though.

  89. I won’t buy it cuz I have a crappy phone and I don’t have a credit card to but stuff from the Play Store.

  90. If I am selected as the winner, I will most likely buy Sonic 4: Episode II

  91. Buying Sonic would be the second thing I would do. The first would be to tell my Apple Loving Wife that her iPad is no longer King of the Castle.

  92. I won’t be getting it because I don’t have a Tegra device yet but you guys could change that. Hint hint

  93. This would be the first game I buy if I had a Tegra 3 tab. Till then I will keep my overclocked Xoom.

  94. I will def buy it loved sonic as a kid

  95. I would definitely be seeking the new Sonic game if I won the prize package. I’ve found that games with the d-pad on-screen can tend to be tough to control, but with a game pad it’d be a breeze.

  96. If I won I would definitely buy Sonic CD, and maybe Eposide 1 and 2. More then anything I just want a working tablet again. My TF101 has been an unstable mess ever since ICS.

  97. I’d probably take it for a spin if I had a compatible tab.

  98. I would seek it out. I didn’t play the sidescroling verson of sonic much way back when. I started playing when behind the character 3d view started. So it would fun to play the sidescrolling version.

  99. I would definitely purchase them. I am a fan of all the Sonic games really and would love to add these to the collection.

  100. It’s Sonic. I grew up with it. I have played it all my life. Pretty sure I have bought every sonic game ever made. Not missing this one!

  101. I grew up on the Sega Genesis and Sega CD playing the first versions of Sonic the Hedgehog. It was by far the best game of that time. I’m looking forward to seeing Sonic adapted to the new technologies. I’m buying Sonic 4: Episode II because it’s an awesome game!

  102. I may especially if I win.

  103. Probably… Depends on what people say about it…

  104. I won’t e getting Sonic 4 Episode II THD, because I don’t have a Tegra device. Now if I won the Transformer, I’d probably get this game.

  105. yes i will def be buying it considering i own every other tegra zone game already lol

  106. I won’t be getting Sonic, because I don’t have a Tegra powered device. Please change this!

  107. I’d like to buy it but I don’t have a Tegra device and I want the best for Sonic. I loved playing it on my Game Gear. ha

  108. I won’t be buying it because a) it says it’s not compatible with my original Transformer and b) pretty graphics alone can’t make a game fun.

  109. If I can win this tablet I will be buying Sonic 4 Episode II THD, if not I guess I’ll go with the regular version when it launches because I grew up loving Sonic.

  110. would buy it but i don’t have a device to play it on.

  111. If I win, I’ll definitely buy it, because I’ll need games for my new tablet and Sonic 4 ep 2 looks amazing (plus, I’m a Sonic fan)

  112. I’ve used it on an ASUS Transformer Prime, but I don’t own it. I’m a pretty avid Sonic player, so I’d love to try this game out once I got the hardware power to play it with.

  113. doubtful I would buy Sonic since I have no attachment to the game (never had a Genesis)

  114. I would buy every sonic game and emulator and decal the tablet in blue

  115. If I win the contest I would love to purchase the new episode 2 sonic 4 game. I am pretty disappoint that I couldn’t purchase it for my current devices.

  116. Sonic was one of the highlights of my childhood. Would love to play it again.

  117. Would buy Sonic 4 if I had a Tegra device. :)

  118. I’m planning on buying it to support Sonic – always one of my favorite games growing up.

  119. I want
    Sonic 4: Episode II, it looks like such a cool game.

  120. If I had a Tegra 3 device, I’d definitely buy Sonic 4 Ep 2! The game looks GREAT, and would be perfect on a tablet with a controller.

  121. I’m totally gonna get it after I win the tablet!

  122. Been playing the sonic games since the first so I’m sure I’ll be getting sonic 4 ep 2.

  123. Once I have a Tegra device, I’ll definitely be playing Sonic!

  124. If I don’t win the contest. No because I only have a gsII. I’ll get it on xbox though if I don’t win

  125. I will definitely play Sonic if I win one! It will bring be back to the old times when I used to sit next to my 20″ TV and play it on my Dreamcast! It would be absolutely fantastic if I won :D

  126. I will get it for my Transformer.

  127. I love Asus,Android,&Sonic !so its a nobrainer …the perfect combo!

  128. I haven’t purchased it yet because I want to wait until I have saved enough money to buy my first tegra tablet!

  129. I want to purchase the new sonic game but my droid incredible can’t play games to well…I’ve played the first sonic since I was a kid and have been a sonic fan since….

  130. I’d love to buy and play Sonic 4 Ep 2, but my poor old EVO 4g can’t hang… although, if I win this, I sure will

  131. I’ve missed old school sonic

  132. I will be seeking Sonic 4: Episode II, the latest Tegra HD game to hit TegraZone and the Google Play Store.

  133. alas, no tegra – no sonic. If I win a Tegra device, I’ll be all over it! :)

  134. used to love playing sure i still will..if only i had maybe an ASUS Transformer Pad 300!!

  135. I love Sonic. I have a Transformer. I should go buy it!

  136. I definitely be looking forward to Sonic, one of my favorite old school game characters

  137. If I get a Tegra 3 device absolutely!

  138. I would buy it, but I don’t have a tegra device, and I have played the first yet. If I win though it would probably be the first game I’d buy.

  139. I don’t have a device that will play it yet, but if I win….FIRST APP I DOWNLOAD!

  140. Tegra 3 Device! Really fast like Sonic!!!
    If I win, I can’t wait to put on those red shoes.

  141. ive been playing this game nonstop. its so addicting. i bought it the momsnt it came out and i cant stop playing

  142. I won’t be buying it until they release a Tegra 2 version (or non-Tegra version), because I don’t have a Tegra 3 device!

  143. i think it would be a dumb choice not to play sonic 4 with all this gear!!!

  144. This Sonic’ll go perfect with the Transformer if I win it. :)

  145. I would if i won this prize pack.

  146. I have to, if I don’t Sega will think that they need to give Sonic weapons in order to sell copies

  147. Of course I’ll be getting Sonic 4 Ep 2, who doesn’t love that blue hedgehog :D

  148. definitely will be checking it out!

  149. Not planning to but I might if I had a shiny new tablet to play them on

  150. Not gonna lie, i’ll be playing Sonic on my Xbox 360. I would love the Tegra for games where it makes sense, games like Riptide with the motion controls and Fruit Ninja with the touch controls though.

  151. I will definitely play Sonic if I have this tablet to play it on!
    I love playing games! Sonic is a classic.

  152. I want this because my tablet recently broke and ive been wanting to play the Tegra 3 version of sonic. This game looks AMAZING and i would love to get a chance to play it on a Tegra device… Please pick me!

  153. I would definitely get it if I had a nice new tegra device. I don’t have anything powerful enough to run it now :(

  154. If I have a Tegra device, I’ll definitely get Sonic game.

  155. As far as I am concerned, sonic 4 episode I was the first game truly deserving the Sonic franchise name since Sonic & Knuckles. I have a feeling that ep II won’t disappoint if it is anything like ep I.

  156. Not right now. It isn’t compatible with my Droid.

  157. I will definitely be buying the new Sonic game! It takes me back to my younger years when I played Sonic on my Sega Genesis and my Game Gear. I am very excited to play it!

  158. Definitely will be looking for a new Sonic game

  159. If I had a Tegra device, I would also be playing Sonic. I loved that game in my youth!

  160. If I win the Transformer 300, there is a good chance I will get Sonic.

  161. Once I get a Tegra 3 device, I plan on purchasing Sonic 4 ep 2.

  162. Yes I will I love sonic

  163. I wont be seeking it because I dont have a tegra device :( (yet)

  164. woohoo Sonic, I want to play sonic on my tab while at work =-O

  165. I am looking forward to Episode two as I really enjoyed the first. IT would be nice to play it in that big ole tablet screen though. ;-)

  166. Loved Sonic since my days of youth on the good ol’ Genesis… would be awesome to play this on my brand spankin’ new Tegra device from Asus!!

  167. I do plan on getting Sonic 4: Episode II, the latest Tegra HD game to hit TegraZone and the Google Play Store. Why? I love sonic, and so does my son. Nuff said.

  168. I’d give it a whirl on Tegra 3 tablet. Been a long time I played Sonic!

  169. If I were to own a Tegra 3 device, I would DEFINITELY buy Sonic 4 Ep2. As a college student constantly on the go, I’m always looking for the next, new fun thing! I do quite a bit of traveling across the US with work; and the Sonic games have never failed to impress me! :) Also, Asus and Nvidia make legit quality products! It would be a great to have such greatness!

  170. I’d definetly get sonic if I had a tegra device to play it with!

  171. Honestly? Probably not. Not much interest in Sonic. But I’ll probably get other Tegra HD games if I win :-)

  172. I’ll be lookin for it

  173. I enjoy Sonic almost as much as the next guy, but $7 is a bit too much for me when there are better games (Modern Combat III, ShadowGun, etc.) for me to waste my money on.

  174. I dont play a ton of games on my tablet, and Im not great at sonic, so I probably wont bother buying it, but it does look really great!

  175. I would love to win this Tegra tablet so I can download Sonic from the Google play store.

  176. yes, I would try Sonic and all the other Tegra Zone games…they all look great.

  177. i loved sonic when I was a kid. If I had a new tegra 3 device, I would buy it in a heartbeat! I would also love to be able to play other games from the tegra zone.

  178. I’m NOT buying Sonic 4 Episode 2 because I don’t own a Tegra device. However, that could change. ;)

  179. Will not be buying because I wish it had a few more levels than 12 for the price (plus 4 bosses).

  180. I will not be buying it because I don’t have a Tegra device which is clearly why I need to win one

  181. We will definitely be buying the new Sonic.

  182. I wont be because my phone wont be able to run it :'(

    But if I win I will be purchasing it :]

  183. I don’t have a tegra device and would definately pick up Sonic 4: Episode II is I won. I would love to relive my old genesis days!!!

  184. I’m allergic to Hedgehogs. So no.

  185. I don’t have a tegra device and would definately pick up Sonic 4: Episode II if I won. I would love to relive my old genesis days!!!

  186. Yes, as I’ll need something fun to play on the tablet I win

  187. Off course I’d like to try it out if I had a (Tegra) tablet.
    I remember playing this old version on the Nintendo console with the cartridge.
    It felt like Super Mario Bros, but a lot faster.
    It was refreshing.

  188. i love sonic and my firmware is too low to play but if i will ill definitly be playing it!!!!

  189. yes i will….i promise.

  190. Yes, when I get my TF300.

  191. I love Tegra 2 games on my Xoom and would love to play Sonic 4 Episode 2 on a Transformer Prime

  192. I think playing Sonic could be arranged if in possession of a Transformer Pad 300!

  193. I’ll get the game if I get this tablet.

  194. I’ll be looking for other games.

  195. Of course! Sonic forever! Hedgehog life!

  196. I can’t run it so I won’t buy it. However, if I win the prize I will buy it as a way to say thanx, and I’m sure my girlfriend will play it.

  197. i will buy it… soon as i win :-)

  198. I won’t buy it ’cause I don’t currently own a Tegra device, but if you guys put the tablet in my hands.. ;)

  199. Yes i will. Sonic is dear to my heart :D

  200. Yes ill definitely be purchasing this.

  201. I definitely would once the Tegra 2 version is released or when I get a Tegra 3 phone/tablet.

    I like how the new Sonic 4 series change the game for an old classic and I would want to play all the episodes to complete the game and storyline.

  202. I have bought Sonic games before on my Nintendo DS, and I like it very much. I will buy Sonic 4 for my tablet, if I win one. :-)

  203. I will not because, other than the fact that I don’t yet have an Android device to play it, Sonic just isn’t fun anymore. You’re supposed to go as fast as possible, but then you can’t see what’s coming up. It’s like you have to either memorize the map to play it properly or you can do it slowly which isn’t fun.

  204. I haven’t decided. I’ll definitely get it if I win, though.

  205. Daaaaamn I’m always too late with these contests :( Anyway, yes I’m going to buy Sonic, it looks epic!!

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  207. Yes, once it is out for non tegra devices

  208. I will not be buying Sonic from the tegra zone because I have nothing to play tegra zone games. I do have the first sonic but I haven’t beaten it yet. Maybe I will look back into it after I beat the Sega Port.

  209. waiting for compatibility with the OG Transformer!

  210. I will not get it. I have never been good at any of the Sonic games.

  211. Soon as they come out with the non-tegra3 version I will be buying it! Been playing sonic games since the genesis and game gear!

  212. I wont be getting it because I wrote this too late to win a tegra device :-(

  213. Honestly I do want to get it for the ps3 because I love the way sonic is still such a great platformer even after all this time. Would be even better to be able to play it on the go too!

  214. My phone won’t run it, but I would if I won the Tegra 3 tablet ;-)

  215. Yes, I cannot wait for the new game

  216. i will not be getting sonic 4: Episode II, the latest Tegra HD game to hit TegraZone and the Google Play Store because my phone has enough games on it… i really should not overload my phone… but if i had an ASUS Transformer Pad… why that is a COMPLETELY different story. i would get it in a heart beat!

  217. Will I be purchasing it? Uh, DUH! I already did. I gotta support the developers that support my need to game!

  218. Well, if I win the prize pack, I’ll certainly be looking to get the new Sonic!

  219. yes because sonic is baller (just like android)

  220. Yes, because I want to be able to show off my quad-core powers

  221. busted phone…

  222. If I win I will definitely purchase the game. The screenshots look awesome and it will look even more awesome when I hook it up on my TV.

  223. Yap! It would be a great first app on my new tablet!

  224. Yes! If I get a tegra device!

  225. If Sonic was a bit cheaper… yes.

  226. Planning on purchasing sonic

  227. I’ll pickup Sonic if I’m able to win! Hopefully I’ll be chosen! Thanks for all the great posts!

  228. I’d love to play Sonic, but I’ll have to wait until I win before I have a capable device. =9^D

  229. I’ll be getting it if I win the Transformer.

  230. If I win a Tegra powered tablet, for sure!

  231. I will not be seeking Sonic 4: Episode II, the latest Tegra HD game to hit TegraZone and the Google Play Store.. unless I have a new tablet

  232. Holy snap! Finally a real Sonic for Android….Ah yes…all those long lost childhood memories are finally coming back! Sadly my current device can’t run Sonic 4: Episode II. If I were to win the ASUS Transformer Pad 300 though, it would make things a lot easier and I will definitely be purchasing it!

  233. I won’t be getting it because I don’t have a device powerful enough for it yet.

  234. If I had a tegra device I would. Tegra is awesome!

  235. I will be purchasing it, assuming that I win this round of the contest because I am not fortunate enough to have a Tegra powered device

  236. Yep sure will when i get one of those devices.

  237. Would like to, if I had a Tegra device ;-)

  238. once i win i’m all over that game. sonic was the first game on the first console growing up that was mine, not my brother’s.

  239. Nope, not interested. Sonic is too played out. I rather find something more original.

  240. Game looks great… would definitely buy if I had hardware to run it on.
    *wink* *wink*


  241. Hardware I have cant run it…. If I get a capable device I definitely will try it out though, and make everyone I know jelly with it.

  242. Sonic 4 does look pretty cool, but lately I’ve found automotive games more appealing. Wouldn’t rule it out though, if I had a tablet with enough horsepower.

  243. I will most defiantly be looking for Sonic. You can never go wrong with a classic like Sonic. Now if only I had a device to run it……

  244. Nope, no Sonic for me

  245. Sonic is a classic. I’ll be looking for it as well.

  246. oh yes I will be playing sonic.

  247. I want to try
    Sonic 4: Episode II…and I want to win the tablet…and then I want to play Sonic on the new tablet…

  248. It’s an awesome tablet and the dock is superior. I have never played a video game in my life except for Angry Birds…however if I win this Transformer prize pack, I promise I will begin with Sonic 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. i will only seek it if i win this tablet

  250. Likely, ep1 wasn’t bad. Been playing Sonic CD.

  251. I would buy it, but my lowly Desire would pale at the thought :(

  252. Of cöurse I will! Try harder than evva!

  253. Nope.

  254. I’m feeling super Sonic, give me gin and tonic..

  255. When I get a tablet that runs it I will.

  256. Of course I will… if I can pry it away from my son! Sonic maniac, that kid…

  257. Yes, because it’s freakin Sonic! Andthe funny thing is, its better now than when I played on my Sega Genesis!…now I feel old…

  258. I wont because it wont run on my GNex

  259. i’ll be playing it because I just got my tegra 3 tf300!

  260. I will not because my phone will choke trying to run it.

  261. Definitely will be buying Sonic the Hedgehog EP 2. Sonic is one of those classics that will probably never die. Just need a Tegra device so I can. Thanks

  262. If it can run on my wife’s Xoom, for sure. If I win, then for sure as well.

  263. I have always loved Sonic, so of course I’ll be getting it. Use to play Sonic all the time on the Genesis.

  264. Unfortunately i cant play it with my current tablet, but id definiteky be buying it if i win. Sonic was one of my all time faves back in the day

  265. i won’t cause it isn’t compatible with my phone. if only i had a device that could run the game :( but sadly nothing ever will. And i have loved sonic for years.

  266. I won’t be buying it because I don’t have something that will play it well. That could change…

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