Verizon will give users time to evaluate their wireless plans before making drastic changes


With Verizon doing away with unlimited data and getting rid of it for grandfathered users who upgrade after the shared, tiered plans are introduced this summer, many users were getting worried. They were worried for good reason. Verizon took some time to form an official statement to reassure customers that these changes won’t be sprung on them out of nowhere.

Verizon will give their customers notice of the changes ahead of time to allow them to reevaluate their current contracts. In other words, you’ll be able to make your move (whether it be deciding not to upgrade or deciding to leave Verizon) before Verizon makes theirs. You can’t be mad at that, at least. Read on for the full statement.

As we have stated publicly, Verizon Wireless has been re-evaluating its data pricing structure for some time, Customers have told us that they want to share data, similar to how they share minutes today. We are working on plans to provide customers with that option later this year.

We will share specific details of the plans and any related policy changes well in advance of their introduction, so customers will have time to evaluate their choices and make the best decisions for their wireless service. It is our goal and commitment to continue to provide customers with the same high value service they have come to expect from Verizon Wireless.

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  1. I guess I’ll keep my ReZound forever

    1. Or just pay full retail forever and never have your plan get touched.

      1. touchèd

      2. Somehow i find that impossible. Since your contact will have to expire at some point. at which time they change it on you. so your logic has failed :P

        1. When your contract expires it becomes month-to-month. The terms don’t change and it doesn’t disappear. It’s the same thing as housing contracts. When your lease is up it becomes a month-to-month rental and your terms don’t change. So no… YOUR logic has failed.

          1. First of all, yes they do change. Most apartment complexes have different rates for month-to-month renters and those who signed a 12 month lease. Once your lease is up, you will get moved to the higher month-to-month rate. Everyone doesn’t do this, but most do.

            Verizon says in the fine print that it can change these services and their costs at any time. So once your contract is up, you can expect to lose the unlimited data. Technically, they can get rid of the unlimited data with people who are still under contract. I’m not sure if you’ll then be allowed to break the contract without a fee, but it sounds like you can.

          2. It would depend on said fine print. Fair enough.

  2. Well I am assuming that once your contract is up they will convert you to the new data plans whether you want to or not. Since you are not under contract I assume they have the right to do that correct?

    I will just pay full price for handsets if I can keep my unlimited data.

    1. I will just pay full price for handsets if I can keep my unlimited data.


    2. Just what they want you to do.

      1. It doesnt have to be full price from Verizon tho, or does it?

        I can go to Radio Shack, Best Buy, Amazon, etc.

  3. So what about those already with 4G?

  4. Good thing I used my last early upgrade ever to get the Galaxy Nexus.

  5. I’m hoping they’re doing this to migrate the iphone crew and people without 4G devices using outdated stuff. If they change you no matter what that just ain’t right.

  6. I’m a single guy with only a phone on Verizon. I don’t want to share anything. But I’ll still have to be on a “share” plan?

    Verizon must only listen to “families” and those with multiple devices they want to connect.

    1. Exactly, customers want to share data, fine let family plans share their data, I don’t see why this should affect customers on an individual plan that only have 1 device.

      1. It won’t unless you have an unlimited plan. Though I wonder if they’ll take away the double data bonus that some of us have if you upgrade later on… if so, that will royally piss me off.

    2. Believe me Verizon don’t listen to anyone they are making these changes to make more money.

  7. Buying a phone at full retail may not work. Unless you get a 4G phone that uses the same size SIM as the one you currently have they will just switch you when you activate the new phone. They will tell you that the new phone is not compatible with the unlimited data plan and/or when you activate it the system automatically changes the data plan and they can’t change it back. Even if it has the same size SIM and you just swap it without going through Verizon they won’t honor the warranty of the new phone or insurance if your old phone still shows as the one you have in their system. If their system can tell when you change a device just by a SIM swap then they will change your rate plan anyway using the same excuse as I previously stated.

  8. If that happen on disabled people that use unlimited data if change to 3gb I’m going back to ugly sprint again bad 4g Verizon better than sprint on 4g

  9. Good old Verizon. At least they will give you notice before they hose you.

  10. Having an unlimited data plan is showing Verizon that we have been loyal customers since 2011, or longer for others like myself. It may not have meant something now but in 10 years down the road it would have been.

    If Verizon just simply changes their strategy it shows that nothing is really different from the other carriers like AT&T. Soon their LTE coverage will expand nationwide and we won’t be seeing a difference.

    Throttle us, charge us a little more or even just revoke our data plan if we abuse it extensively but don’t punish those who actually use their data rightfully or those who enjoy watching Netflix & Hulu Plus on your blazing fast networks.

    1. The account owner of the plan I’m on has been with Verizon on the same number for 14+ years, if I lose unlimited data there isn’t much that will keep me on verizon, but I wonder.. I have a promotional plan that lets you get unlimited data for 10 bucks a month, and they told me I have that plan for life, I wonder if it trumps them trying to get rid of my unlimited data…

  11. Question here. Does this mean if I’m in a contract for another almost two years and Verizon pushes this out sometime within the year; does that mean since they broke my contract of having unlimited data for the two years I signed: that I can then break my 2 year contract and say bye bye with no fees. I switched to Verizon because of the service and unlimited data. If no more unlimited data ill switch back to T-Mobile because I like having a sim card.

    1. Your unlimited data will only go away with the activation of a new phone from what I understand. So Verizon is not breaking the contract. As well, data is not part of your 2 year agreement. It is a separate fee.

  12. This statement was obviously written by the PR department instead of an idiot CFO spouting off about how beneficial it would be to screw over his customers in order to rake in higher fees for less service. The words are nicer, but it doesn’t actually say anything different.

  13. Not good enough. If I upgrade or purchase a device at retail price, I should be able to retain my grandfathered unlimited data. If they can’t do that, I’m done with them.

  14. Still, no unlimited, no deal. I’ll renew if I can get a 4G with unlimited. But in 2 years, if I can’t get the same deal, see ya!

    1. Where are you going to go? Sprint? Enjoy their terrible coverage and slow speeds. No one else is offering unlimited data. No one else rivals their coverage. I’m not happy about it either, but the other options out there aren’t any better.

      1. I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out when I get there. I have 2 years.

        1. I hear ya. Of course they may decide to cut all unlimited data plans for everyone, even those still under contract. The fine print would allow them to do this. But I think they would then not be able to charge you an early termination fee if you left. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

          1. Perhaps not waiting should be the response. Maybe form a page where Verizon customers vow to leave when change become set and take everyone they can with them. With that, offer Verizon,s competition not only to switch service, but to volunteer for promotional purposes.

            I can see the ad now.

            “I was a Verizon customer for 10 years. Then under the new CEO they changed to plans that cost me more money, gave me less and said it was to give me choice. I am not stupid Verizon.” Camera pans back showing thousand of people like from the old Verizon ads. “Do you hear me now?!”
            Music…”Sprint means what it says, We hear you, and you’re welcome over here…..all of you”

          2. I left as soon as they stated 4g wouldn’t be unlimited and announced their price points. I paid the ETF and went to T-Mobile. Is the coverage as good? No, but it’s not that bad and
            I pay 89.99 a month for unlimited minutes, text and 5gigs of data a month. Good luck paying that on Verizon.

          3. I am not sure what your ETF was, but doesn’t sound like you are saving much money when you buy out your contract and start up with another carrier. I for one, pay $89.99 for unl text and min and data plan..but it is a socal promo I am on…so maybe I am a few of millions that still have you beat. =D

  15. This all fits in with the rumor that Google will start selling multiple nexus phones for multiple carriers as well as the rumor that Verizon may start allowing activations of equipment on their network not purchased from them. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for subsidized phones.

  16. the only people that want a shared plan is the ones who already have a tiered plan. us grandfathered costumers are happy where we are. Don’t pretend to do me any favors

    1. You won’t be grandfathered for much longer, unfortunately.

    2. I would have to agree.

      I just switched to a family plan with 3 lines. 1 unlimited data, 2
      tiered. So I am on both sides of this issue. I wish I woulda switched
      when it was all unlimited.

      At the same time…if the data share plans are worth it…I may just go with it.

  17. I thought Verizon was expensive, but I heard that there are all kinds of discount programs. I have a friend with unlimited everything paying around $50 a month. All from different discounts, from going to DeVry and some other stuff. It’s weird. You all should look them up.

    I know Sprint has a Going to DeVry and Working at DeVry discount. So me being a student worker, I can benefit from 2 discounts. LoL!! Ima look into more of these discounts.

  18. I already have unlimited 4G data on my Droid Razr Maxx :D

  19. If they’re going to force shared data, they had better drop tethering and hotspot charges. Keeping them would be like asking you to pay for the data twice.

    1. I agree, but why change it if people are already paying? You know they are always going to do everything in their power to squeeze every last dime out of you.

    2. They already are asking you to pay for data twice by charging you for tethering and hotspot.

  20. I know it sucks as. But least they’ll let us decide to upgrade or not lol.

  21. There’s nothing for me to evaluate… I want to keep my unlimited plan if/when I upgrade, simple as that.

  22. Wait, so is it just that they’re getting rid of grandfathered 3G unlimited? That’s what some articles seem to be saying and others just say getting rid of unlimited all together. If 4G counts then it looks like I’m gonna be using my current phone for a good long while.

  23. What your not getting is if they push this out n like the article says, no one is safe. According to my 2 year agreement it states unlimited data. So if they push this change upon our contracts which alters the contract before my 2 year term is up, that’s more than enough reason to break it without a fee. Unless they plan on waiting till my/our contract is up to enforce the change. Just trying to get questions answered.

  24. You can keep your unlimited plan if you don’t buy a subsidized phone. So if you don’t need the latest and greatest, you can get a year old used phone with LTE off ebay for $100-150.

  25. I don’t see how people can get that upset about this. We all knew this was coming.
    The biggest joke is that they’ve been charging new customers the same amount of money for 2GB a month as they’ve been charging the grandfathered customers with unlimited data. I don’t know how you can justify $30 a month for 2GB. That’s what people should really be up in arms about.

    1. If a customer has a corporate discount, you get a discount for the unlimited data, but not the 2GB feature. Technically, if they ended up with tiered data at $30, they will end up paying more, even if they stay under the limit.

  26. We will have the option to pay full retail and *KEEP* our plan!!!

    1. It’s verizon, baby – you will pay extra anyway….

  27. Guess I’ll be leaving Verizon then.

  28. ijust hope that they bring out the latest and greatest 4G phones before they start switching people …what a low down dirty move if they dont…

  29. Okay, which one of you called Verizon and said they wanted shared data plans and no more unlimited?
    I don’t know of any customers that told Verizon to cut unlimited data, well maybe a iPhone user.
    VZW so full of it, need waders.

  30. Sure some customers may have “asked for shared data plans” because they were tired of getting robbed $30 bucks per phone, but I’m sure not a SINGLE customer requested to have unlimited plans dropped. Who do they think they’re fooling. This is not a win for the customer.

  31. STROKE STROKE !!! Our customers asked for this,( In a pigs eye ). It wasn’t our idea,( To make more money). We are putting you on shared and tiered plans because you asked for it. Yes its true , less bandwith is tied up with 4g,(Is it more efficient to run than 3g)). But ,now that we have all these snappy phones that people are addicted to, and can use to make their lives easier, let’s corn hole them. When they do this I will be looking at Dish Network for my home, and another carrier for my six phones. Got my first cell about 1985 , paid over 2k for the phone and somewhere around .45 a minute. Then the systems got better,( More efficient) and less costly. Now they are even more efficient with 4g, but they are going to raise the prices now for an even bigger profit. NEED TO SELL ALL MY STOCK AND INVEST IN OIL AND VERIZON!!! (Price gouging industries ) America’s addictions

  32. I will just wait 6 months after the latest greatest phone comes out. Buy it off craigslist for 150.00 bucks and keep on rolling with my unlimited plan..thank you very much. Lol.. i have a upgrade i have been holding on to. Think i better get another droid maxx while i still can..:-)

  33. What gets me with all this cap stuff is this. What is the point of alk these great things the smartphone can do like. Netflix for example. If i cant get enough data to run it. I used 30gb of data last month. Its really easy. Thats 1 netflix movie a night. I probably watched 15 movies. Downloaded lots of music and pictures/videos from family members. And i dont use a pc hardly at all now. Its easier to just browse, shop, email from my phone . I hook my phone up to my tv and stream movies for the family to enjoy. Dont forget about app downloads and updates. What about tune in radio and Pandora while im on the rd all day. The only reason i use a pc is to store what i have done with my phone durring the week. Cant do anything but check facebook,read emails with a 4gb cap. So quit putting all this other crap on my phone if i cant use it. Just leave my phone with stock android Verizon!!!

  34. I’m single and only have one device, why the hell do I want a shared data plan? What the hell does that do for me? Oh, that’s right, nothing just rips me off.

  35. Look dummies…no one will force you to go on a shared data plan..its for accou ts with more than one line….duh. As for Verizon trying to make more money…ya. But Vetizon is the only carrier that spends over 6BILLION a year on their network…5x more than their closest competitor…Go ahead and leave…you’ll regret it as soon as you realize the grass isn’t always greener! Oh and Verizon is a market leader … So if they are going that route bet your butt the other carriers will follow suite.
    Bottom line….dont use data if you dot want to pay it!! Go back to that grandpa phone already! Gheese…why complain about change…or an American company that employees nearly 100,000 people, provides tuiton assistance, excelence benefits, is a good corporate citizen, donates massive amounts of money to many charities,spends billions of dollars on their network, offerers thousands of monthly discounts based on where you work…offer discounted equipment…oh guess we expect themyo just give all that away for free…come on people…you live in America not some communist backwards country…if you want th best…be prepared to pay for the best.

  36. They have now clarified it. You can keep your unlimited plan if you pay full price for your new phone. That I have no problem with. Thanks Verizon, that’s a fair and acceptable way to go.

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