May 17th, 2012

T-Mobile subscribers with the HTC Sensation 4G were ecstatic to learn that the carrier had begun pushing the handset’s upgrade to Android 4.0, but the process hasn’t been smooth for all. Not only does the update come with a change to T-Mobile’s mobile hotspot policy (you have to pay to play, now), but some users are losing their 4G data connection altogether after upgrading. The good news is that the missing data problem doesn’t appear to be all that severe and can be solved with one of several quick fixes.

One solution involves navigating to your network settings and switching to WCDMA/GSM Auto if it isn’t already selected. If it is already selected (or if this trick doesn’t work) try disabling mobile networks for a few seconds and then turning them back on. Likewise, toggling to airplane mode and back should do the trick.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation in case it developers into a larger problem requiring a software patch, but for now it seems like a minor bump along the road to Ice Cream Sandwich. Any users out there experience this problem?

[via TMoNews]


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