Sprint officially acknowledges EVO 4G LTE delays; says there’s no definitive shipping date


Yesterday, news surfaced that HTC’s newest devices, the EVO 4G LTE and the HTC One X for AT&T, have hit a bit of a road bump on their way to the United States. US Customs and Border Protection delayed the shipment of the devices due to inspection to make sure they don’t infringe on Apple patent #5,946,647, a patent dealing with clickable links inside of a browser.

Yep, that’s the punchline. While HTC chose not to get into specifics about the status of each of those phones, Sprint took some time to address their customers about the EVO LTE. Unfortunately, all they’re keen on doing right now is confirming the delay.

How long the delay will last depends on how long Customs’ inspection takes, and Sprint aren’t prepared to make any estimations right now. The least they’re doing is allowing pre-orderers to cancel their orders. You can find more info on how to do that at the source link. [Sprint, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hey just letting you know you guys havent reported on the update that rolled out for the tf101

  2. Wow… A new low for Apple.

  3. Apple is kind of Pissing in their Pant to see all these marvelous phones taking up their market share. God bless Android pls………..

  4. Given we already knew this information last night, either way i still love you Sprint and HTC!!!! CRAPPLE ON THE OTHER HAND I HOPE YOUR COMPANY GETS HIT WITH TONS OF KARMA AND SOON!!!!! SHE WILL PAY YOU A VISIT ONE DAY I HOPE!!!!

  5. This is just to keep the phones stocked for sales. The later on the shelves, the better the chance customers will wait for the new iPhone.

    1. No, the more money the carriers lose on this, the more likely they’ll balk at the next HTC offering…

  6. Why is everyone mad at Apple? HTC lost this battle in court and was given time to re engineer the process of which their software handles this but they didn’t and now the ban is in effect. Yes it sucks Apple has this patent and sued HTC but guess what HTC has had time to fix this but they didn’t and its up to them to fix it for now and the ones that pay is us the consumers.

    1. The article does not state that HTC didn’t fix the issue, read the statement it clearly states that ”
      The US availability of the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE has been delayed due to a standard U.S. Customs review of shipments that is required after an ITC exclusion order. We believe we are in compliance with the ruling and HTC is working closely with Customs to secure approval. The HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE have been received enthusiastically by customers and we appreciate their patience as we work to get these products into their hands as soon as possible.”

      1. So this is just being done by customs and they are the ones bending us over, not HTC not Sprint and not Apple even though they play a role in it…

        1. Exactly. Still, it’d be nice to not have to be sued or counter-sue Apple just because they want to be the playground bully. All this could have been avoided, but then again this is exactly what Apple wants.

    2. It was fixed long ago.

    3. you idiot! htc did change it.. apple just insisted it be check, and had a hold put on it at customs to check.

  7. It’s not a ban.

    The U.S. Customs review has been going on for a month, according to a quoted source in an article I read.

    My guess is, being a Homeland Security Employee, they (Customs) has no clue what they are doing … Like the rest of the U.S. federal government.

    “Uh, what? Link from what? Wtf are you talking about? I stop illegals and drugs, not…. Phones….”

  8. apple must feel the pressure that they felt when pc’s with windows were taking over the market years ago.
    its been a phenominal run apple, but when lawsuits are all you have,youve got nothing left.

  9. They have … Not they has… Heh stupid auto correcting EVO :p

  10. I’d hope this will spark a direct marketing attack on Apple. Samsung started things off with some decent commercials, but I want to see HTC go for the jugular.

  11. On a side note I saw a dummy unit at Best Buy yesterday and the different colors on the back actually look amazing in person. The phone feels great in hand and is slim compared to the original Evo. I am sad that I have to wait for my device but will gladly do so!

  12. Wait what?
    “Apple patent #5,946,647, a patent dealing with clickable links inside of a browser.”

    Havn’t we had clickable links within a browser since Windows Mobile? Palm? Blackberry? Symbian? Hell, even devices predating smartphones……

    Why in the [*] would the patent office give this to Apple?!?!

    1. Because we’re dealing with the Federal government. People with brains don’t work there. The patent system is severely broken. This shouldn’t even be effing patentable. It should be copyrighted as code.

      1. It’s not the intelligence of the fine employees of the Federal government, its them obeying the republican laws protecting “job creators” at any cost.

  13. How like Apple to think they own clicking.

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